Thanksgiving–The Forgotten Holiday

I need the public’s help and support on something.

We need to get rid of the radio stations who play nothing but Christmas music from the middle of November (and sometimes earlier) until the day after Christmas.  It’s ridiculous.

Personally, it makes me tired of Christmas long before we even get to December 25th.   There are only so many Christmas carols, and these stations play them all on an endless loop for weeks.

Back when I was younger, radio stations would play the occasional carol after Thanksgiving, and slowly built up that number until they went full tilt on Christmas Eve.  This was great, especially as a little kid; tiny reminders here and there that Christmas was on its way, but not so much that it felt like Christmas was never ending. 

Nowadays, however, so many stations not only play Christmas songs before Thanksgiving, they bombard the masses. 

Thanksgiving is a holiday on its own, and it should be treated as such.  It’s an important holiday; not only that, but it’s a holiday upon which most people can agree.  It’s non-denominational, and in this day and age, it’s nice to have a day that people of all beliefs can observe without it being a fight.  It’s a day where we can gather with our families and loved ones, and be thankful for things we have (I know it doesn’t always work this way, but that IS the intent, and a lot of people do try to follow through). 

However, everyone brushes past it now.  As Lewis Black said, it’s Christmas Halftime.  Halloween decorations and candy are in stores by the beginning of September, and before that holiday has even passed, Christmas music is playing in some places (I’m looking at you, Bath & Body Works), decorations and wrapping paper and various other Christmas supplies are lining the shelves or your local Walmart and Target, with nary a mention of Thanksgiving. 

I’ll grant you; you’ll see the occasional turkey-themed decoration in the mix, but there’s no time dedicated to this national holiday.  It’s pushed to the side, swept under the rug; it’s as if it’s become the red-headed stepchild of American holidays; we know it’s there, but we don’t like to talk about it.  Besides, it’s only a lead-in to Black Friday which, as we all know, is more important than giving thanks.

But back to these radio stations.  I’ve tried emailing them, asking them to stop playing non-stop Christmas music, and to consider not playing it before Thanksgiving.  They told me it was very popular with the locals, blah blah blah.  Interestingly, I’ve heard a far greater number of people complain about the music than I’ve heard say it was something they enjoyed.  In fact, I can only think of one person EVER that said the holiday music blitz made them feel good.  ONE PERSON.

I do understand that radio stations are not typically a permanent fixture, that you CAN, in fact, change the station.  However, I have worked in places where I have no control over the radio, and have been forced to listen to this barrage.  To say that it makes me feel jolly would be perhaps one of the biggest lies ever told.

It’s gotten to the point where I almost dread the “holiday season” because I’m going to be tired of Christmas before December even hits.  I know I’m not the only one.  This sort of behavior doesn’t make Christmas feel special anymore; it feels more like an obligation, something we have to get through and endure.  It’s horrible.  It must be even worse for people who DON’T celebrate Christmas (yes; that’s still legal in the country).  Once upon a time, you could live your life with fairly minor signs of this holiday.  Now, it’s overwhelming.

So, what I’m proposing is this; ban these radio stations.  Maybe not permanently (though that would make more of a statement), but the moment a Christmas song hits the airwaves before Thanksgiving has even come to pass, stop listening that station.  If you’ve “liked” them on Facebook, “unlike” it at that moment.  Bombard them with complaints, and remind them about the holiday that’s in between Halloween and Christmas.  Make noise.  If even one station took heed and stopped with the incessant music, I’d consider that a victory.  I know it’s only a baby step, but if enough people took a stand and DEMANDED that Thanksgiving be recognized for the holiday that it is, maybe we’ll see a change.  Maybe Christmas will be that magical time of the year again when anything’s possible, instead of the endless marketing ploy it’s become.

Please, help spread this along; share it on Facebook, email the link, whatever.  I know there are more people like me out there, people who like to celebrate all of the holidays, and not just gloss over the ones that won’t make the most money.

Let’s get this out there.



~ by raspychick on November 2, 2013.

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