Being Female Is NOT A Handicap

I know that I’ve been neglecting this blog for a while; that’s what happens when the only thing you do in life is work.  Not that I always work excruciating hours, but my job has drained pretty much all motivation out of my system.  I go home and watch TV, or read, or stare at the walls. 

I’m also extremely reluctant to talk about my job in the social media world because of all the horror stories you hear about people losing their jobs over a Facebook post or something (granted, if you call in sick, then show up on Facebook at the beach or where ever…yeah, you kind of deserve what you get).  Nowadays, it’s as if you can’t even make an off-handed comment about something at work without on your own time without someone catching wind of it and causing a stir.

However, this is important.  Seeing as how I’ve never mentioned my name, where I live, or where I work, I should be relatively safe.  And since this topic is gender discrimination, even if someone figured out where/who/what I was writing about, you’d be pretty fucking ballsy to press charges.

Basically, I work in a good ole boys club.  If you’re a female, you are basically considered second class and not worth the same amount of money as the penile-ly inclined.  Many guys here are hired on with a dollar more to their names; they are “equipment operators.”  Not one female has actually been hired on with that title.  And that title guarantees you a dollar more an hour. 

Yes; several women have been trained to use equipment, but I’m fairly certain that not all of them are given the extra dollar.  I even heard one say that she’d only been given something like seventy cents.

That be called discrimination.  If that had been me, I would have been all over HR.

Of course, I’ve been asking to be trained on the equipment so that I can do my own research instead of trying to track down someone every time, but those requests are ignored.

But back to my real issue.

Here’s the thing with my position within this company—I was actually trained for it.  People from the other buildings in different fucking states trained me.  They sent me to another state for more training.  So I think that I might have a pretty good handle on what it is that I’m doing.  Never mind that I’ve been doing this specific job since June. 

A week after I was given this position, another position was thrown in the mix.  So…two jobs for the price of one.

When I was offered the first upgrade, I was told I’d make an additional fifty cents an hour.  Two months later, word was passed down to me that giving extra money for these positions was NOT the company’s policy.  This is bullshit.  I know this because of those other people who came in and trained me, and because of those people who trained me in the other state.  This position comes with more money.

But not here.

So, flash forward a few months from June, and my job really starts to kick in.  Then I find out that…there’s more.  I have to deal with this, for lack of a better description, partner company.  This other company used to do what we do, but now they don’t.  Yet somehow, we answer to them.  Which means that, basically, half the shit that I come across has to be relayed to these bastards, who seem extraordinarily bitter that their jobs have become superfluous.  So they make us jump through hoops.  This means that the area around my desk is always packed full of shit I can’t deal with until I get the magical “OK” from these twats.

So, suffice it to say, I’m doing three jobs for the price of one.

At a rate that is so low that I cannot afford to live on my own.

A job that no one else in the building is trained to do, which means if I need to take a day off, I have to have everything ready for the day that I won’t be here because there’s no one else who can.

And still….no raise.

But this isn’t entirely about the money.

This is also about the fact that none of these douche bags listens to a word I say.  Both my lead and supervisor are guys, so despite anything I say, they just do what they want, even to the detriment of the company. 

Like I said, I was trained pretty extensively for this position.  I learned about the things we’re NOT supposed to do that will prevent us from losing money or being penalized.  When I point out these things, however, they just brush me off as if I’m stupid, as if I shouldn’t even worry my pretty little head about it (no one has actually said those words, but that is definitely the feeling you get when someone talks down to you—as if they’re patting your head).

I usually get one of them saying, “Well, we have time for it now,” or “Let me explain something to you.” 

Oh yeah…makes me want to junk punch people.

What makes this worse is that there’s this lead on second shift (who, for whatever reason, thinks he’s a supervisor) that whines about everything.  He doesn’t like the way we’re doing things, so our processes are changed to make him happy.  A couple of days later, he decides he doesn’t like these new processes, so throws a fit again and, lo and behold, we change shit AGAIN to make him happy.

He pulls these shenanigans at least once a week.  And every week—it changes according to what he wants.

But the emails I send him (and copy to our supervisors) about his people leaving shit at my desk instead of the assigned areas go basically ignored.  By all involved.  It’s awesome.

So, I know that if this dick happened to be the one telling people the exact same things I tell them, people would listen to him.  And we wouldn’t be doing the shit that we do now.

I mean, it’s not as if I ask people do something illegal or something that’s not standard procedure.  The things I’m asking for are things that are in the company guidelines.  They’re in the guidelines because they help make the company work, and it prevents shit from becoming mixed up and lost. 

But that doesn’t seem to matter.  And I’m 99.999999% positive it’s because of my gender.

Because around here, having a vagina means you can’t possibly know more than someone with a dick.

I have to tell the same people to do the same things ALL THE FUCKING TIME.  And every time, these people say, “Oh, I didn’t know.  Well, I’ll just leave that here anyway.”  If you try to tell them to do it the correct way, they get insulted and pissy.  But apparently, throwing new shit on top of the pile of shit (literally—there is shit everywhere) already at my desk is a swell idea.  Everyone does it, no matter how often I say not to because it just gets lost in the quagmire that already exists.  And no one regulates it.  No one enforces anything that might be beneficial to the three jobs I am currently juggling.

Did I mention that, for the time being, we’re not allowed overtime?  I easily have nine or ten hours of work a day.  Easily.  Now…it’s not all being completed.  Oh well.  What am I supposed to do about that?  I have 8 hours a day to do 10 hours of work. 

Of course, when shit keeps piling up at my desk and nothing is accomplished, I’m sure someone will have something negative to say about me.  “Well, why can’t you get all of your work done?  It’s only this, this, this, this, that, something else, and that over that that needs to be taken care of every day.”

Not to mention that I am CONSTANTLY problem solving for the people in my department, and pretty frequently in other departments as well.  So that has to come out of my 8 hours, too.  Some days, I can’t even do most of my actual job for all the research and problem solving I have to do.

Mentally, I’m done.  I’m tired of trying to work with these people and of trying to do my job correctly with no one to back me up.  So I’m just coming in, working 8 hours, and going home.  That’s it.  I do what I can do and everything else waits until the next day.  The result is more shit not getting done, but there’s absolutely nothing I can do about that.  I’m not giving my lead and supervisor the cold shoulder—in fact, if they happen to ask how I’m doing, I tell them with as much enthusiastic sarcasm I can must that I am just great, that everything’s great.  They will not hear a negative word out of me.  Everything will always be just great.  Super.  Winning it.  Because they certainly can’t fault me for telling that everything is going well and that I’m not complaining about the job.  Seriously—what could they possibly say?  “We’ve noticed that every time we inquire about your health, you give us a positive answer.  We’re not comfortable with that.” 

Kiss my ass.

I wish I knew a lawyer/law student.  I have so many questions about the legalities of this place.


~ by raspychick on March 20, 2013.

One Response to “Being Female Is NOT A Handicap”

  1. Do you have a legal aid office in your area? Or maybe there’s a website that can offer you advice for a set fee? I can assure you, none of what they’re doing to you is legal.

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