Fifty Shades Of Meh

So, I’m reading Fifty Shades Of Grey at the moment…I’m not sure that I understand the allure, nor why every person who reads it seems to think it’s the best thing ever.  It’s smut, for crying out loud.  That’s all.  Smut.  Woohoo.  I’ve read fanfics with better smut-to-story ratio than this, and that had better-written characters.

Seriously; the Anastasia character is basically a staple of the beginner fic writer.  Well, so is Christian, really.  I mean, c’mon…a timid, sexually inexperienced young woman and a wealthy, mysterious, kinky dude?  Yeah, pretty standard fare.

At any rate, I’m not finding it engrossing the way most seem to.  I find myself reading along hoping to find what it is that capturing the…ahem…minds of so many people, but I’ve yet to been able to do so.  It’s not doing it for me.  In fact, it’s quite a bit tamer than I was expecting.  Of course, since the next one is “Darker,” it could get rowdier.  And while it’s not the page-turner I was hoping to find, I’ll probably be willing to stick around through all three books, since I’ll admit to being mildly curious about the end result (though I’m banking on the cop-out of “love conquers all.”)

Will I say that anyone is stupid for liking these books?  No.  Hell, it’s getting people who hate reading (what the fuck is up with that, anyway?) to pick up a book.  Reading something is usually better than reading nothing, and sometimes it’ll get someone into the habit of reading once in a while.  But let’s not kid ourselves into thinking this is great literature.  It’s not.  It’s just a smut fic.  The only difference is between these books and anyone of the hundreds or thousands of stories like it online is that these were written about original characters, and not characters developed by another.

Perhaps, when I get to the end of the books, I’ll be able to write a scathing review.


~ by raspychick on September 24, 2012.

2 Responses to “Fifty Shades Of Meh”

  1. I snagged samples of each book on my Kindle, and the whole thing was just that — ho-hum fanfic from someone who thinks they’ve above other authors. (That was a comment made when the first book was released, the comment was passed around so much it might not even be true. No matter, it doesn’t make their work any better.)

    I do agree with you that it’s at least getting some people to read, who might not be into reading. That’s *always* a plus.

    I suspect the reason I find the whole thing so utterly meh is because I prefer to read more polished, less, “I’m writing this as a money grab!” fiction. There are a *lot* of truly talented fanfic writers out there, but, IMO (and I didn’t say IMHO), E.L. James just doesn’t make the cut.

    Your mileage may vary. And I look forward to your full review(s) when you have finished the series. Your blog is *always* interesting.

  2. Your review sounds pretty scathing now, haha. But, accurate from what I hear. Of my friends who read it and say they liked it, they still said pretty much what you did. However, they all warned me not to bother. They said I would hate it and sounds like you all are probably right.

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