Workers Of The World Untie!..Wait a minute…

One would think that in a place with so much to do, people wouldn’t have the time to be petty little bitches, and yet…

I was aware of a bit of pettiness a few weeks ago, but since my promotion, apparently a couple of people have been a bit cranky.  As to why the initial trash talk started, I have no idea.  The “rumor” was that everything that was going wrong was my fault, which I found to be pretty incredible considering the size of the place in which I work and my level of newness, but sure.  This seemed especially true when not one manager/supervisor came up to me to discuss all of the damage I was doing, and when I was frequently being taught new things and given new responsibilities.  But yes…everything my fault.  At any rate, I didn’t let it get to me, mainly because I knew the issue would have come up.  Anyhoo, I assumed with my actual promotion, a couple of people who have been with the company longer might be a bit peeved.  And I was right (it’s good to have someone keeping an ear out for this, someone who happened to start around the same time as myself, who has also been promoted, and has also been on the receiving end of a bit of smack talk by the same individuals).  One of these people maintains that the screwups are all my fault, and the other…I don’t even know.  It’s not like she wasn’t promoted as well.

It just makes me realize how pathetic some people are, and will be for their entire lives.  We’re in an actual place of business where there’s rarely a shortage of things to do, and these people want to do nothing but bitch about someone being given more responsibility.  I’m sorry you’re angry that I’ve been there barely a fraction of the time that you’ve been there and am already being recognized for my skills, but that’s your fault, not mine.  If you’ve had all sorts of time (years) to distinguish yourself and are still languishing in obscurity and have done nothing but maintain a level of mediocrity, you can only blame yourself.

Some people…

At any rate, I’ve been considering something about the workforce of the country/world.  A friend of mine brought this up because she had read (or was reading or was going to read or had heard about this book…something) a book about a guy who was a CEO, then quit because he was burnt out, then started working at Pizza Hut or some such place; when he told people at parties, they scoffed and sneered and generally judged his choice of career.  As a result, he decided to try as many “menial” task jobs as he could find to see how people in those positions were treated, and it made him consider the obvious flaws in our command structure.

Here it is; if all of the high-paid (over-paid) CEOs decided to play hooky on the same day, not a whole hell of a lot would happen.  Think about it; the people who get paid the most, ultimately, do the least.  This is not true across the board, of course, but most execs make a whole lot of money to, often, just show up.  Does this mean that most of them didn’t bust their asses to get where they are?  Of course not, but that doesn’t change the fact that missing CEOs for a day wouldn’t effect the world a whole lot.  On the other hand, if all the people who work the other end of the spectrum in jobs that are at a much lower pay-rate and are much more labor-intensive decided to not show up for work on the same day, the world would, essentially, grind to a halt.  Think about it; no one to pour your coffee at Starbucks or serve your Whopper at Burger King.  No one to answer the phone in the customer service department at Verizon or change your oil at the Exxon.  No one to ship your order from Amazon or to cash you out at Walmart.  None of the everyday things that everyone takes for granted would be accomplished and all hell would break loose.  It’s quite ironic that jobs that are considered to be at the lowest end of the spectrum and given such poor regard and such horrible pay are the ones that world depends upon the most, and the jobs that everyone strives for and that are the most respected and earn the most money are the ones that no one really notices when someone is absent.

There is something seriously screwed up about our priorities.  But next time you’re in line at McDonald’s or something, it wouldn’t hurt to be a little nicer to the kid behind the counter.  Granted, not everyone who works in a “menial” job is a winner–this is the same as in every category of life.  But a lot of people are just trying to earn a living, so there’s nothing wrong with that.  Don’t be so cruel to the people who are just trying to get along in the world.


~ by raspychick on June 1, 2012.

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