Definitely Too Old For This

Holy shit, I’m actually posting!

Amazing, innit?

So the question is, where to begin?

Let me start off with…I was terribly mislead about the details of my job.  When I arrived Monday morning at 8am, I found out that I’d be going to another location on the other side of the county.  Ooooookay.  I wasn’t thrilled, mainly because my five minute commute turned into a 15-20 minute commute but whatevs.  Anyway, I get to the new location and find out that it is, in fact, pretty much brand new.  As a result, the job I was hired to do wasn’t yet available, but they had plenty of other things to do to keep me occupied.  Fine.

I’d like to say that, after that first day, I felt like I’d been beaten.  Ultimately, that day wasn’t actually terribly taxing, but after having been so stagnant for so long…it was rough.  After that, it got a bit worse.  We started working ten hour days, trying to get everything set up that needs to be set up for a new building.  Then we heard we’d be working the weekend, so my first week bled into my second week, and the second into my third.  Yes–we’re at three weeks straight, if you’re keeping score.  I did take one day off–I told my supervisor before it was ever announced that we’d be working the weekend that I needed one of those days off.  Seeing as how that was into super-duper overtime, taking a day is pretty inconsequential, and the mental break did wonders.

Did I mention that I’ve been coming in at 7am every day since my third day?  And that in the space of two weeks, I worked, essentially, three weeks?  Yeah…it’s not fun.

Also, my training and the training of the others who have come in after me has been virtually nonexistent.

Anyway, during the second week, they brought in people from one of the other local buildings to help us try to keep a handle on the volume of business, and somewhere around the third or fourth week, higher ups in the company started to visit because, apparently, we suck at life.  Basically, our place was set up poorly, and the systems to run it efficiently were actually pretty screwed up and making everything worse.  Our client was less than thrilled, so they sent in lots of people to see what was happening.  For the last couple of weeks, we’ve had people from other parts of the country who work in other branches in our building, helping to straighten out and figure out what went wrong.  As most of us have been saying from the beginning, had they brought in trainers and people who know what they’re doing from the get-go, we wouldn’t have had these issues.  Instead, we’re running around, putting out fires.

This whole thing has been a tad frustrating and exhausting.  It probably wouldn’t have been so exhausting, but we’d spend a day doing some process that a supervisor would tell us to do, then the next day find out that the previous day was incorrect, but this new way was how to do it was what to do, etc etc.  Soooo obnoxious.  However, once the higher ups came in and started showing us the ropes, things turned around dramatically.

On the upside, I caught on to pretty much everything pretty quickly.  Quickly enough that I was able to, for lack of a better word, translate what was occasionally being taught into a language that the others could understand.  I do have experience in training people, so that does make a bit of sense.  I was also frequently given new things to do, and pretty quickly, people started coming up to me for answers and direction.  This managed to catch the eye of quite a few people, and the other day, I was given a (small) raise and promotion.

Not bad for a month’s time.

Anyway, now I’m training for this new position, which, fortunately, is building on a lot of things I’ve already learned.

Also worth mentioning, my supervisor is a dumbass.  It’s obvious that, ultimately, he means well, but he has no actual idea of what he’s doing, which is a bit scary.  I also wonder how people who have no knowledge of something get positions of power.  At any rate, my new position might be able to ensure that I make sure he doesn’t screw things up again (sadly, a lot of the issues that arose were caused by this dude and his amazing ability to imitate a chicken with its head cut off).

So to sum it up, the new job isn’t horrible.  It’s certainly not hard, though at times it’s mind-numbing; at times, there’s a lot of physical labor, but with my new position, I probably won’t have to deal with much of that.  While I’m tired of working so much, I’d had to not see that money on my paycheck, so I’m in the middle of a paradox.  The benefits are pretty awesome, so at least there’s that.

And my focus for the evening is now shot.  Hopefully, in the next few weeks, things will die down a bit and I’ll have more time to bitch about life in general and life in specific.



~ by raspychick on May 30, 2012.

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