Petty Polly Comes Out To Play

I think it’s fairly well-established by this point that I’m petty and shallow.  Perhaps not all the time, but I definitely have my moments.

This is one of those moments.

All right, just a brief moment to catch you all up on my situation–toiling away in obscurity washing hair, not permitted to put out a tip jar after being at this place for over a year and a half, while anyone else who walks through the door is allowed to sell anything they want.

Anyway, last Friday, one of the uber-religious customers, Mary, mentioned that her stylist, Crazy Bible Lady, told her that she could bring in her old books to sell…at the god damn fucking salon.  This woman is allowed to bring in old books to sell to unwitting customers, and I’m not allowed to receive extra money for the services I provide.

Talk about the straw that broke this camel’s back. But this isn’t even the really petty part.

However, and this actually finally came through for me on Tuesday, I have acquired a job at an actual company and today is my last day at this place.


I was technically hired a couple of weeks ago, but getting all the paperwork sent to me, then sent back, blah blah blah…that all took some time, so I start at this new place next week.

Here’s where the petty part comes in to play.

I’m not getting any sort of goodbye…thing.  This is actually a bit irritating to me.

I mean, we’re talking about women who have completely forgotten about the birthday of one of the owners and still managed to throw together a celebration that doesn’t look completely hasty (everyone’s birthday is celebrated; planned out, a card with $5 from all the employees, lunch bought for you, a dessert of your choosing…good times).  Last May, when the nail tech left, they threw her a shindig that was the same as the birthday to-dos.  She had been here for less than a year.  I’ve been here for almost two years.  I just think it might’ve been nice to for someone to throw a card at me (with or without the money), or offer to buy my lunch, or hell–even an iced tea.

It’s entirely possible that I’m jumping the gun about not having anyone do a goodbye thing for me, but I’d be willing to bet good money on the fact that, other than the stylists telling their customers that it’s my last day, I’ll leave with no fanfare.

As I said, I know it’s petty, but I just thought I might’ve earned an official goodbye from these people by this point.  If someone who was here for less than a year gets her parting acknowledged, I would think I’d get a bit of the same.

On the upside, it’ll make leaving here just a bit easier.

Also, until I know exactly what my schedule looks like, I have no idea as to my ability to add new posts.  I know–this saddens all of you greatly.

And holy crap I start a new job next week!  Commence stomach clenching in three, two….


~ by raspychick on April 27, 2012.

One Response to “Petty Polly Comes Out To Play”

  1. From the sounds of it, I’m not sure you’d WANT anything from those people. Just…ewwww! You’re much better off simply walking out of there and forgetting about that place as fast as your gray matter will allow it.

    Congrats on getting the new gig! Hopefully, the new people will quickly realize they can depend upon you, and when your birthday comes around they’ll want to be generous and throw you a nifty lil’ party with cake, candles, and everything.

    In the meantime, ignore most of the hair cutters and be glad the clientele didn’t give you lice or scabies. You’ll have MUCH better times at the new place.

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