I Stand By My Bitchy Opinions

It’s interesting to me that several people have been defending Instagram so vehemently.  I guess these are the people who use Instagram as their main source of picture-taking expertise.

Oh…was that bitchy?  I’m sooooo sorry.

At any rate, get over it.

You’ll notice in the original post about Instagram that I didn’t actually knock the people who use their cell phones to capture pictures.  So if you’re bitching about that, fuck off.  Almost everyone I know uses their cell phone for pictures nowadays because it’s much easier than carrying a camera around.  I get.  Hell, I do it, too, even though I usually have my small camera with me.  I’ve seen many lovely pictures taken with a cell phone.  I’ve also seen many crappy pictures taken with a cell phone.   I suppose I should also say I have no problem with Instagram as just a program for taking pictures (though seeing as how most phones are equipped with that ability, why you’d need a program to take pictures is beyond me)…it’s using the damn filters that pisses me off.

Look; you can do all sorts of phenomenal things with just a camera.  Look at some of the pictures that are submitted to contests such as the one the Smithsonian offers; they’re beautiful.  Using a filter to make a picture interesting is cheating; it shouldn’t need an effect to be a cool shot.  So now, all these pictures on FB and whatever all look the same and they all look staged.  Hell, using a Holga camera has pretty much the same effect, but at least that’s because of a defect in the camera itself.

Seriously, if you’re interested in photography but all you have is your cell phone, that’s fine.  You can practice with that.  But practice with light levels and angles and see what you can actually create instead of letting something else do the work for you.  If you want effects in your pictures, use GIMP; it’s free, so there’s no financial commitment and you can actually do all sorts of awesome shit with it, and then your pictures will look like something YOU have created instead of looking like every other damn thing on Facebook.  I can promise you that learning how to manipulate picture on your own is a lot more satisfying than having something do it for you.  If you have the opportunity, use film and a darkroom.  I only had a couple of months experience with that situation, but it was awesome and you can alter photos there, too.

Your goal doesn’t have to be award-winning pictures, but if you’re going to take pictures, at least take your OWN pictures.  Don’t use Instagram’s filters.

To all you hater haters out there who want to defend Instagram and its “virtues,” you’ll be interested to know that a lot of popular search terms that bring people that specific blog are things such as “if you use instagram doesn’t mean that you’re a photographer” and “fucking instagram” and “instagram think they’re photographers,” so…yeah.  There’s a lot of people who are annoyed by pseudo photographers using this program.  Let’s applaud the people who are actually putting forth the effort to take an interesting picture and stop lauding those who want to cut corners.

So fuck you, people who defend Instagram.  Fuck you hard.  And get over it.


~ by raspychick on April 24, 2012.

2 Responses to “I Stand By My Bitchy Opinions”

  1. ::: standing on chair, applauding ::: Bravo! Well said!

    Of every pic I’ve seen taken using Instagram, they ALL look alike to me. It’s really rather sad, because I’d like to see some individual creativity on Facebook, especially. I also *hate* how blurry Instagram makes pics. Horrible!

  2. I like that your point has evolved from simply putting down instagram, to admitting it’s not the photographers equipment that sucks, it’s the photographer.

    Both posts should be replaced by the paragraph “Seriously, if you’re interested in photography but all you have is your cell phone, that’s fine. You can practice with that.” and the two sentences that come after it.

    Everything else to you: feels like anger banter
    to everyone else: feels like your TRYING to piss people off so they’ll read more (which works but still isn’t nice) or your ignorant or young.

    Anytime I address the ‘anger banter’, it’s because I believe you write well, and are actually entertaining but that you could have so much more worth in your writing. I literally only make the points I do because I want to return to the blog and actually read something that makes me appreciate it.

    I know you’re going to do what you do, but this is what I do. Keep writing. = )

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