Trout Pout, A Journey: Part Three

All right…part three.  The final leg of this journey.  The faces that make me the saddest.

If you’re new here, we’ve covered a few other people in part one and part two, but hold on to your asses, because some of this is just sad and a little disturbing.

First up– Ann Margaret.  Drop dead gorgeous.  Look at the pictures of when she was young.  Watch some of her movies from those days–she’s absolutely stunning.  Even when she was in “Grumpy Old Men,” she was still quite striking in her fifties.

Yowza, right?

Even here, where I think she might have had a touch up here or there, she still looked fantastic.  Anything done at this point was subtle and she still looked the same.  But then…

I’m not sure what’s going on here.

It looks like she ran into a wall at this point.  Her face is waaaay stretched out, and the nose has been shaved down.

But, a couple of years ago, I saw her on SVU and I wasn’t even sure if this was the same woman…

This is horrifically sad.  There aren’t a whole lot of words for this, but I just want to know why.  She was poised to become one of the best looking “elderly” women of all time.  Seriously–she was a knockout at any age, and then…this.  Why, Ann Margaret?  What/who compelled you to look at your lovely face and decide that nature wasn’t good enough?  Why would you listen?  You were gorgeous, and now…just scary.


All right.  Now I’m moving on to Lindsay Lohan.

Now, I never personally thought that LiLo was a great actress, but despite that, she had a long career in front of her.  Despite the fact that the original “Parent Trap” is far superior, I enjoy Lindsay’s version as well, so I’ve been familiar with this chick since she was pretty small.  I know that some people don’t like to talk about her, mainly because she seems to have some actual, genuine issues going on.  I don’t disagree with that, but this level of surgery makes me unbelievably sad.

Cute, right?  Even pretty, I’d say.

Here we have “Mean Girls,” another favorite of mine, and Lindsay’s still looking young and fresh-faced.  Innocent.

All right, so she became a bit too sexualized way too early, but judging by the parents, it’s not shocking.  But all of  sudden, little LiLo started looking a bit…stuffed?

The epitome of “trout pout.”  This is it, folks.

This barely looks like the same girl.  She’s started looking like one of the real housewives of whatever county.  She’s 25 but looks like she’s in her 40s.  Easily.

It’s honestly hard to tell if she’s making a face, or if her face has been frozen that way.

I’d ask what happened to her, but I think it’s pretty obvious–bad parents and bad friends.  Look at the types of people (hello, Paris Hilton) she palled around with.  Her mother seems to have gone off the deep end, and her father is quite the piece of work.  Look at what’s happening to her sister–it’s horrifying!  But the sad thing is that she really had potential, but now she’s a joke.  Though I’ll admit that the fact the she seems to get away with all of her illegal activities with barely a slap on the wrist pisses me off to no end, but that’s neither here nor there.  But still…so sad.

Next is Ally Walker.  Most people probably remember her best from “The Profiler,” though I never watched that one.  I do remember seeing her in “Bed Of Roses,” (charming) and “While You Were Sleeping” (and funny).  I always thought she was lovely.

See?  Nothing to sneeze at.  Very well put together, lovely smile, overall very attractive.  But a couple of years ago, she popped up on SVU (there’s that show again) and it was hard to recognize her.  But then I saw her on “Sons of Anarchy” (in retrospect, she was probably on both shows at the same time, but I didn’t start with SOA until a couple of years ago.  Anyhoo) and holy shit.

Yeah…that.  Not even the same person anymore.

She shaved her nose, filled her lips, pulled her face…nothing good.

I can’t even imagine what she’d be happy about at this point.  If I’d had surgery that did this to my face, I’d be raising hell.  The worst part is that when you’re watching SOA, you can see the difference in her face from season one to season two, then season two to season three.  She kept tweaking and plucking and pulling…ugh.

I’m not sure why she bothers me as much as she does, seeing as how I didn’t really grow up with her the way I have with others, but there’s something so fucking tragic about this face now.  She was lovely and she…I don’t even know.  All I can think is that she must have hated herself at some point to do this.  It’s almost like she’s not even a real person at this point.  And I just wonder how castmates react to something like this.  Do you pretend it’s not happening?  I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to initially contain myself–there’d definitely be a “What the fuck?!” falling out of my mouth.

And last, we have Meg Ryan.  America’s Sweetheart.  Wholesome, adorable, lovely…I would’ve killed to have her career at one point.  She was in all the best movies, had the coolest costars…she was unstoppable.

I think this is circa “When Harry Met Sally…”, one of my favorites.

“Sleepless In Seattle.”  To me, the height of her loveliness.

I think this was “City Of Angels.”  But aside from short hair, she looks about the same.  However, not long after this, “You’ve Got Mail” popped up, and even though I was in high school, I knew something looked off about her face.

I always noticed that her nose looked kind of pinched and just off, but I think it’s just now I’m seeing that she must’ve had her eyes done at this point.  She used to have big blue eyes (see earlier pics–they’re big), but now she’s squinty.  She had unnecessary work done, but couldn’t manage to stop at this…

Are you ready for this?  Because it’s not going to be pretty.

Are you sure?

All right.

What the fuck, Meg?!  This isn’t you anymore?  I can’t even…

There’s a whole lot of wrong going on here.

This is actually horrifying.

Meg likes to claim that she hasn’t had anything done, but…the proof is in the pudding.  Side by side, and it looks like a different girl.  I can’t even begin to imagine what prompted these sorts of drastic changes.  Was the fact that she was super pretty a bad thing?  A face that everyone could recognize and that most people wanted?  That wasn’t good enough?  Was she tired of looking wholesome and hoping to go toward edgy?  Because if that’s the case, she went more than a little overboard.  I loved this girl, I loved her movies, and now…I can’t even watch anything she pops up in because it’s so sad.  I can’t even look at her face.

There you have it.  The journey of the trout pout.  Anyone out there have someone that makes you sad, too?  I know I can’t be the only person saddened by this trend.

If nothing else, I hope that anyone out there who’s thinking about going under the knife does their research first.  Find out what sort of doctor you’re trusting with your face and look for testimonials.  Speak with a counselor first to make sure you’re doing this for the right reasons and not out of body dysmorphic disorder or something.  Most plastic surgeons are probably very good at what they do, but it’s obvious, judging by these pictures, that there are a few that are less than ethical and don’t know what they’re doing.


~ by raspychick on April 20, 2012.

5 Responses to “Trout Pout, A Journey: Part Three”

  1. Rose McGowan.

    I swear to you, she used to look kind of interesting, but then I saw her on an ep of SVU (there’s that show again!) and she looked like a collection of spare parts all stitched together, injected with industrial strength I have no idea WHAT, Gorilla Glued, pinned, strung together with Band-Aids and bailing wire, with a few glass eyes poked into random holes in her head, all plastered over with a few trowels of makeup and false eyelashes.

    WHY do these women take a perfectly acceptable face and RUIN it? Contemplating that very issue gives me a headache.

    • I do understand that there’s an unbalanced amount of pressure on women to keep up a youthful appearance in Hollywood, especially since a lot of roles skew to the younger. And being smart about plastic surgery is fine; it’s these women (and occasionally men) who think that a laugh line or crow’s feet mean that their entire face needs an overhaul. What I want to know is why loved ones don’t get them help, because a lot of the faces I covered border on body-dysmorphic disorder. It’s truly sad because I can’t say if there’s a face I listed that wasn’t fine/lovely/gorgeous to begin with. All I know is, personally, I think I’ll stay away from the knife. I may not think myself all too attractive, but I’d rather be busted naturally than because I allowed a quack doctor to go implant-happy on my face.

      • It’s sad but true: Some of these people need an intervention.

        I think the reason their family doesn’t get involved is for the same reason they wouldn’t intervene if they instead had a drug problem — money. Who’s going to risk telling a celeb they just do NOT need plastic surgery, if it means they’ll get so upset you’re cut off from getting a few extra bucks when you need them? (Or whatever parasitical perk you’ve been enjoying.) In their world, it’s rare anyone speaks up to tell them the truth, let alone stand up to them and make them really SEE they’re fine and don’t need surgery, just maybe a few quick lessons in makeup and some better products.

        Some people — celeb or not — have said they get addicted to plastic surgery. While I don’t understand that kind of addiction, I realize you can get addicted and dependent on virtually anything. Plus, it takes a plastic surgeon with balls to say, “I won’t do that procedure on you because you don’t need it, it will make your appearance worse, it will mean you’ll need additional procedures to another part of your face if you proceed,” etc, etc, etc.

        It really should start with a psych eval in some cases, as you mentioned body dysmorphic disorder, which is a biggie in the Industry as well as in everyday life for a lot of people. I knew a casting producer that could NEVER get her hair the right color or cut because she was so desperately unhappy with her personal life for a couple of years or so. She was *constantly* going from very expensive salon to salon, dragging a file folder of ‘the look’ she wanted, but no one could get it right as far as she was concerned. Why? She’d been dumped by her sweetie and he’d shacked up with a brainless little thing less than half is age. It took a LOT of counseling from close friends to get Ms. Producer to see that it was NOT about her hair — it was about grief over a relationship that was never healthy to begin with and shouldn’t have happened. Only then was she able to get a color and cut that was ‘amazing,’ and she was satisfied at last.

        Thank God it was merely hair and not her body, which could have been a messy collection of mistakes she couldn’t have undone.

  2. More money than sense springs to mind with these people having plastic surgery

  3. As someone who’s considered going under the knife, thank you.
    I’ve only seen the 3rd installation but it your observations are right on the mark. Wow. And to think these people could afford “top” surgeons is even scarier.
    I changed my mind.

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