Clearly, You’ve Never Been Poor

There are few phrases more obnoxious than “Money can’t buy happiness.”

To that I’d like to say, “Fuck you.”

Being poor sure as shit doesn’t buy happiness, either.  Money lets you buy things that make you happy, though, so technically, money can buy happiness.

The only people who say stupid shit like that are the people who’ve never gone without.  I think that only people who have been poor can judge about money and happiness.

The other day at work, I wound up discussing that $600,000,000 jackpot with one of the older ladies who come in every week, and she made that asinine comment…it was all I could do to NOT spray her in the face.  I did try to calmly explain that money can help relieve a lot of stress on people, so at the least there’s that.

I don’t think she got it, though.

I also mentioned that, if I’d won, I’d rather rent a house than buy one, and seemed shocked.  “But you’ll have nothing to show for it!”  Apparently, the only reason to buy a house is to be able to show it off later on.  But I think that mentality should only apply if you’re actually putting in payments monthly, not plopping down a chunk of winnings and being done with it.   Never mind the fact that lots of people don’t finish paying off a house until they’re well into their sixties or seventies, if they can even manage to pay it off it all.  Nowadays, more people seem to be letting the bank take their houses than try to make payments.  So put that in your pipe and smoke it, lady.

Anyone who’s willing to say that money can’t buy happiness should be willing to give their life savings to someone that doesn’t have any money and see how unhappy that person remains.  Let’s see how long you stay happy when you don’t have any money, too.

Perhaps I have a biased view on this; I grew up mostly poor.  We’d go through phases of relative comfort, but I usually lived in a home where only my mom worked while my father managed to be employed for a few months at a time, then be unemployed for even more months at a time.  Financial stress was all around me, and even as a youngin’, I felt the strain of it.  Add to that the fact that neither parent had any idea of how to manage money, and it equaled a lot high-watered pants and ill-fitting clothes for me and my sister.  Can I guarantee that having two financially stable parents would have made life happy?  No.  But I do know that I at least wouldn’t have had THAT to worry about.

Besides, I’m going to judge by the present; I’d love to have a windfall of money and see if I couldn’t figure out happiness.  If I didn’t constantly have to worry about students loans and my credit card, I’d probably feel a bit more relaxed.  I’d be able to afford therapy, which I think would do WONDERS toward making me not such a miserable bitch.  I’d be able to go to all the places I’ve always wanted to go and NOT worry about budgeting my money and just have a good god damn time.  Hell, I’d even be able to buy friends; people can be AWESOME to you if they’re getting something out of it.

I submit to you, and the world, that money CAN buy you happiness.  You just have to be open to the experience.  And believe me when I say that I’m open to that shit.  Wide fucking open.  I’d love the opportunity to prove them wrong.  Hell, I don’t care if I prove them right so long as I have an endless supply of money while I do it.


~ by raspychick on April 18, 2012.

One Response to “Clearly, You’ve Never Been Poor”

  1. I concur, Money can buy every step in maslows pyramid (physiological, safety/security, love/belonging, & esteem) except for self-actualization.

    I think that saying may go misunderstood often, it doesn’t literally mean that money won’t get you happiness, it means you don’t need to pay for it in cash, you can’t buy the feeling of happiness in a box. You get it by means of a different method. You need to allow yourself to become happy because of the item in the box, and when you realize that the idea is that you realize it is you that governs how you feel and not any external force.

    (which when presented in that way is easily combatted with something like “so if I kill your mom you won’t be sad” or “if I beat your ass, you feeling bad is actually your fault not mine?”)

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