You’re Not A Photographer–Instagram Doesn’t Count

Can we fucking stop with the Instagram shit?  Oh my fracking god, this is obnoxious.  I’m so tired of seeing all these pics on Facebook that say they’ve been uploaded with Instagram.  Fuck you.  Learn some actual photography skills, you unimaginative bastards.  Taking a picture with your cell phone using a program designed to make it look old isn’t creative and doesn’t mean you have skills.  Your phone did all of the work.  Not to mention that every one of these Instagram pictures looks the same.  EVERY GOD DAMN ONE.

It’s interesting that we have come so far in photography and clarity of pictures and the ability to, essentially, preserve these pictures for eternity (or as long as the internet lasts) the way they originally looked, and now we’ve developed a program that makes pictures look old and faded.

What the fuck?

It’s like anyone can be a “photographer” now.

I’ll admit that I use GIMP and Adobe to edit photos, but it’s usually for lightening pictures, restoring old photographs, or creating GIFs.  I may not be a world class photographer, but I’ve got some skills–when friends like the pictures I took of their wedding and reception better than the professionals, I think that says something.  But I’ve practiced.  I play with the settings on my camera and work to make a picture look interesting.  I don’t cop out and let something else do all the work.

I realize with the advent of digital cameras and with memory cards that can hold hundreds or thousands of pictures, more people can actually become legitimate photographers.  It’s easier to practice a skill when you don’t have to worry about the cost of developing film; you can also instantly see what you did wrong and learn from it.  HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean your iPhone is a substitute for skill.  If you can use a real camera and get genuine “Instagram” results, then I tip my hat to you.  This means you understand lighting and all of the manual settings on your camera.  Good for you.

But fuck Instagram.  Fuck it hard.  And fuck you for thinking you’re a real photographer.


~ by raspychick on April 13, 2012.

19 Responses to “You’re Not A Photographer–Instagram Doesn’t Count”

  1. What a waste of time.

    How ridiculously inane are you? ANYONE CAN BE A PHOTOGRAPHER. EVEN A BLIND PERSON. Art is conceptual and it is defined by those who view it and make it. In making art, it is a process, not only in learning the process but learning where you as a person want your art to be taken.

    Getting mad because you don’t get art isn’t anyones fault but yours. It can be argued that getting mad in general isn’t the fault of anyone else but yours.

    IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH PEOPLE ON FACEBOOK, GET OFF FACEBOOK. Get outside, why don’t you take some photos that put those peoples photos to shame????

    Everyone starts some where, how would you like if some dick made you feel incredibly worthless and like you should literally STOP doing whatever it is that makes you happy because THEY weren’t satisfied with your immediate results.

    Fuck you for not seeing the path you rode in on, and acknowledging that others took that path before you, and others will take that path after you.

    Fuck you for not creating your own path.

    And lighten the fuck up, your whole blog is negative spiel; Let’s be friends okay?

    • Riddle me this; if it’s such a waste of time, why bother to comment on it?

      Bwahahaha! Caught you!

      At any rate; my blog, my opinions. Opinions are like assholes–everyone has one. My opinions and thoughts are negative, and I’m okay with that.

      The internet isn’t like Clockwork Orange–you can find a new page any time you want, so you don’t HAVE to read my negative blog. I state pretty early on that I’m angry about shit, even if it’s dumb shit.

      You can get as angry as you want (which, interestingly, puts you in the same boat as me), but Instagram pisses me off. It’s cheating, and it takes credit away from the people who really make an effort. Instagram isn’t creating a path–it’s having a path created for you. You can use the same phone to take pictures without Instagram and have fantastic results.

      Now, I’m not sure why you believe I haven’t acknowledged the path others have paved, but that’s cool…I don’t have to understand you.

      I’m glad I made you angry! Please, keep ranting–be a minion!

      • Sometimes you need to waste time in order to learn to appreciate it.

        Also, my assumption was that any effort to get you to not antagonize others was moot.

        Your blog? dot wordpress dot com, run on it’s servers. The same right you have to post it publicly is the right I have to air my 2 cents publicly. I don’t understand how you can justify your free speech while attacking mine. Furthermore, My writing was in no effort to get you to stop writing, or to stop being angry, but to get you to think (more). Think about the larger picture. Understand the impact the words that come out of your mouth have, and the weight they carry. Comprehend what you’re writing, because it doesn’t seem like you do. It seems like you’re more excited that you have someone to talk to than having something interesting to talk about.

        You don’t need to further explain yourself, I understood the manner in which you were presenting yourself the first time I read through your blog, but since you went ahead and threw an analogy in there I’ll retort. Be angry, be gay, be moronic, be ignorantly boring, I really don’t care; but don’t act like you’re right when you’re NOT.

        So…. you’re telling me: the difference between someone with a camera and someone with a camera-phone-enabled-with-instagram is that.

        1. it takes credit away from real photographers when they try really hard and don’t get pictures as good as someone who didn’t try much and used their iPhone and an App..

        2. using instagram is like following a path others have created for you, while having your own camera is like having an object that you invented and no one else on the planet has ever fiddled with.

        Okay, then let me ask this: What’s the difference between point and shoots, inter-changeable lens cameras, DSLRs, SLRS, large & medium format cameras (for larger film), fucking metal plates covered in bitumen? some are better than others? Some make it easier to take photos?

        So then is everyone using a DSLR just cheating at photography compared to a SLR? are they just cheating by not making metal engravings?? and are they ALL cheating over the painter who works by hand & eye over the course of hours?

        You know how much work it takes to haul out a large format camera and some heavy gear over somebodies one-time-use or polaroid camera? What happen when those came out? Were you rolling in your embryonic cell with anger?

        I’m not saying you’re fucked in the head or that I’m angry at what I perceive as ignorance.
        I’m saying, look at what you’re saying, it doesn’t make any fucking sense when you think about the history, which makes it sound like you’re complaining just to complain which leads me to believe you desire attention and cannot get enough of it. I hope you’ll do some research and proper evaluative thinking. If you’re angry, do your homework, you’ll do a ton more damage.


        p.s. if someone created a way for you to do something specific, like not just cleaning but brushing your teeth; and they made it fun. So fun that kids were brushing their teeth like CRAZY, would you be mad that more teeth are being brushed? Would you think there’s more white teeth and so having a mouth of pearly whites isn’t as impressive anymore? I’d be exctatic that more people are learning and progressing their dental hygiene at such an early age. I’d be excited as a mother fucker to see their progress in a couple years.

        as a complete side note, You seem to reach for “I’m angry!” a lot, that’s fine. I’d prefer to understand something doesn’t exist than to be angry with it, you can be a lot more insulting knowing facts than just having feelings.

      • Know what’s interesting? On the posts with which you agree, you don’t seem at all interested in telling me that I could write better. However, in the Instagram posts, that’s where you tell me that I could “do so much more.” I take it you’re the sort of person who throws in “constructive” criticism because you think it won’t make you sound like an ignorant douche.

        First, let’s make something a bit clearer–your opinions on my optional-to-read blog will not influence my decision to write more or less, or to be less angry, or what have you. Just because you feel so strongly Pro-Instagram doesn’t mean that I don’t think about what I write. Just because you don’t agree with my opinion doesn’t mean it’s not something I’ve thought about or something that isn’t well-written with solid opinions. You just seem to think this program is the answer. Fine. I think you’re wrong, but fine.

        You are welcome to make all the asinine comments on my blog that you want; I don’t agree with your stand on the matter, but I didn’t deny your comments on the post. However, it is, in fact MY blog, so I can post my thoughts as I see fit. As you’ll notice, I’ve stated more than once that I’m angry about shit–the levels of anger vary, but that doesn’t mean that this isn’t my place to vent those thoughts and feelings. And, whilst venting, thoughts aren’t always as well-formed as while not venting, though I like to think that I am, overall, well-written despite my temperament at any given time. You seem to not agree, though, as I said, this depends on whether or not you agree with my bitchy opinion. But that’s your issue, not mine. You genuinely don’t HAVE to read my blog. As yet, it has not been court-ordered for anyone. It’s optional. If I wanted a writing lesson, I’d ask for one. Also, if you had the ability, you would have given one instead of vaguely alluding that I need lessons. Nicely done, Ambigaboy. This is a place I use to express my irritation with the world around me.

        May I suggest you start a blog about the finer points of writing and the skills needed to make a blog suitable just for you? That might make you happy–if all the writings of the world were pleasant and agreeable to you.

        Let me ask you, in reference to, “Be angry, be gay, be moronic, be ignorantly boring, I really don’t care; but don’t act like you’re right when you’re NOT.” What makes me wrong and you not wrong? Simply because you think Instagram is a valid program? That’s a bit extreme. Instagram is not photography, no matter which way you slice it. Also, unless there is a rant about it, don’t assume that I think there’s only one sort of photography. I know there’s not–I love that there’s not. I only wish that I had the ability and resources to learn and practice all types. Yes, I wish I had a darkroom, and you know why? Because developing your own pictures is really fucking fun. It doesn’t make a picture better (I’ll be the first to admit that a lot of the stuff I took and developed on my own SUCKED), but it’s an experience like none other. However, I’m perfectly content to fiddle around in GIMP and Adobe and learn to do shit that way because that is what is available to me. Playing with those programs is fun. So is playing with my camera to see what I can get out that. And in case you’re wondering, I have a couple of different types of cameras, all of which I use to take pictures on a regular basis, and all of which I am able to do more with on my own just by experimenting with the given settings and the world around me.

        You don’t seem to understand that this history and development of photography and cameras is not the same as creating a program that simply adds a smokescreen to the picture and makes it look like every other picture that every other user has taken. Look the fuck at Instagram–it all looks the same. That’s what I’m getting at. It all looks the same. At least if you take a picture with your cell phone and leave it at that, it looks like a picture you’ve taken, and not like the picture that everyone else has taken. Jesus christ, fucking grow up. If you have such a hard-on for Instagram, have at it. I’m not starting a petition to have it wiped off the face of the earth–I just think it sucks and it’s stupid. And it’s my god damn right to express that opinion. The amount of time you’ve put in trying to persuade me otherwise, and to somehow “gently encourage” me to put more thought into what I’m saying…do you realize what else you could have done with your time? Probably taken a few dozen Insta-pics and proudly posted them on your FB wall to show the world your mad skills, yo.

        Jesus, did you invent Instagram? You must be a fucking millionaire. Good for you.

        Art is subjective, yes; I may not think that a yellow dot on a white canvas is art, but if someone else does, well, bully for them. But art being subjective doesn’t make Instagram any less of a cop out than it already is.

        Now, let me address the comparison you’ve made about your super tooth cleaning device; what I’m getting from that is that if it’s easier, it’s better. Don’t take this to mean that I’m opposed to clean teeth or a method that would enable cleaner, healthier teeth, but what you’re basically saying is that easier is better. Does that mean because there’s a whole generation of people who abbreviate all of their words, say things such as “lol” and “lmao,” who use, “smh,” end all of their words with z’s instead of s’s, who say “ur” instead of “your” or “you’re” and so on and so forth, that sort of language is better? Because it’s easier to shorten words and it’s okay that a lot of people are, essentially, illiterate and unable to actually spell words? Easier does not always equal better. Should we invent a program that make it easy for people to recite but not understand biology and chemistry, therefore making it easier for people to get into med school? Hey, by your logic, that’s exactly what we should do. Yay for shortcuts!

        Fuck that.

        If it was easy, everyone would do it. If you don’t have to work for something, it’s not worth it.

        Let me tell you, I’ve tried Instagram (I’m a firm believer that in order to say something is crap, you have to actually experience it. So that kind of blows your whole theory about how I just have angry feelings out of the water), and I get no satisfaction from it. I don’t feel like I’ve done something worthwhile. I like working on a picture, or a drawing, or a video, or whatever I’m doing at the moment, and feeling accomplished when I’ve finished it. I like knowing that I’ve done something. I’m sure that not everyone who uses Instagram is looking for satisfaction; they’re just looking for a “unique” picture.

        I believe that about pretty much anything–if it’s just handed to you, you don’t appreciate how you got there. Maybe you’ve had your life handed to you on a silver platter and the only thing you’ve ever had to reach for is the remote control. I’ve worked for everything I’ve ever had in my life–perhaps it gives me a greater appreciation of creating something instead of using a program to do the work for me. Perhaps you’ve had people do shit for you your whole life so you don’t understand what it’s like to do something for yourself. Whatever. That doesn’t change the fact that Instagram doesn’t make someone a photographer. And yes, it DOES detract from the people who have spent their lives learning the craft, especially the ones who have learned methods with many different types of cameras–that’s a lot of work and patience. It’s especially disheartening when you see really good photographers out there who get no notice of their work, then see someone who takes an Instagram pic get fifty comments from their duck-lipped friends along the lines of, “omg! Ur picz r soooooo awz0me! Ur sO tlntd!” Am I speaking of myself personally? No, but I’ve seen it happen. And it’s sad.

        I’m not going to tell you to stop commenting on my blog, nor am I going to block you from reading it, but don’t expect me to magically change my opinion on the matter and think this is the next new wave in photography. It’s not and I won’t. It’s not photography–it’s an app. There is, in fact, a difference. While the person who created the app could be an actual artist, the people who are using it in place of doing shit for themselves are not. They’re lazy. They want something that looks interesting and let someone else do the work for that. Please explain to me how that’s art. It’s along the lines of taking credit for some else’s term paper simply because you changed the title and a couple of words. Someone else already did the heavy-lifting; all you had to do was show up. That doesn’t make you a good writer; it makes you lazy (and a cheater, but that’s neither here nor there). Just because I like to sing other people’s music doesn’t mean I’ve created something; I’ve just copied what someone else has done. Instagram is a lot like that. And I for one cannot wait until this ship has sailed. Stop comparing the development of cameras to an app; you might as well be comparing a T-Rex to my piggy bank.

        So, unless you have an actual valid argument as to why Instagram is worthwhile, shut your pie hole.

      • I can’t respond, maybe you were hallucinating when you read my response, because you seemed to have misunderstood almost everything I said and put so much words in my mouth that I realize you’re not ignorant, you’re just crazy. Halfway through I honestly can’t read anymore, not only have you completely misunderstood somethings and ran wild with other ideas but you completely put words in my mouth… I would never direct someone to go take a class… lol

        Cheers & Happy writing.

      • Ah yes…another cop-out tactic. When you can’t reasonably argue your point–when someone has made valid points and your only argument is, “But that’s not what I think!”–resort to name-calling. I see, I see–I’m completely crazy because I could call bullshit on your argument about Instagram. That’s cute, and oh-so-bold of you. Reread your response. You’re nothing but a troll who doesn’t want to actually make a point, they just want to make a statement. Go blog about how the world and crazy people persecute you. Wah wah wah. Go upload another picture to Instagram you fucking wuss.

      • Sure, knowing that no matter how clear I think my point is you’re not going to see it, and that we’re not going to change each others view or opinion on anything and deciding that it’s not worth the trouble is tooottally a troll move.

    • Dear ‘Art X Nullality’. . . you’re a ass.Instagram isnt fucking photography it’s for piece of shits who dont got no life and aint a real man. Anyone whos got anything to say can say it to my face BOY.

  2. Seeing so damned many Instagram pics on sites is like seeing litter vomited all over a beautiful highway. ALL the Instagram pics look alike, even the people in them. No exceptions. (Case in point: A friend of mine, beautiful model who is drop dead gorgeous looks like a banger chick in the Instagrams I’ve seen of her.)

    Instagram isn’t art, it’s the equivalent of public images on junk mail — it has no value, unless you were in said pic, and then you looked like hell so why bother to put it up on your social media page? Facebook is so riddled with these third-rate images, they’ve become ubiquitous. It’s annoying to see them all blurry and smeared, among the crisp lines of text explaining why a pic was taken of frat bro Jerry throwing up on his shoes outside that 99 Cents Store, while the most of the group was in there buying him a Mexican Coke to settle his stomach full of Jaeger. Get a real camera, and while you’re at it, do something more constructive with your friends.

    I, too, am one of those semi-pro photographers who people seek out when they’re having a celebration, especially weddings. I’ll shadow the guy they hired and my pics almost always turn out better than his, whether I’m using a disposible Kodak, a Canon Sure-Shot or a Nikon with all those nifty f-stops. You and I (and a lot of other people, if they’d just GET AWAY FROM INSTAGRAM) have a genuine knack for good, solid photography — the kind that makes for sentimental keepsakes over the years. I think a great many other people should explore REAL photography and unlock their gift, too. It’s their, if they’re not so lazy they rely on Instagram for the rest of their iPhone-carrying lives.

    As to Mister Whineysocks up there, he really needs to either STFU, go write his own Pollyanna-ish blog or maybe BOTH. I enjoy the hell out of your blog, because I want to read sarcastic, realistic, in-your-face commentary without having to write it myself all the time. I’m glad you’re angry and write about it! I’m HAPPY things piss you off and you share it with your readers. It delights me when you’re fed up and can’t take it anymore — because the things that piss you off are almost invariably the things that make me want to punch people in the windpipe and step on their face. Your blog is a great outlet and — with anger management and the right mix of psych drugs — helps keep me out of jail.

    Good job, Raspychick. I’ll be coming back as long as you’re writing what you feel.

  3. I like anger, when it’s expressed in an appropriate way, I can vent with the best of em. I think it’s healthy. More power to you for venting your spleen.
    Facebook makes me feel angry, I’m tired of the inane updates of people ‘having a biscuit’. So, I stopped using it. Maybe you can’t escape folk posting InstaPics to FB [and it’s gonna get a lot worse, thanks Zuck!] but while those friends probabably wouldn’t class themselves as pros by taking pics in whatever form, they are photographers [bad ones, maybe]. Sure, they’re never gonna make a living from it and I will agree there’s a lot more shit on IG than there was a year ago, but chill the fuck out.
    There is a wealth of talent on IG, truly artistic snappers that don’t always have to use a Lomo filter to improve their capture. Some of the work on there is inspiring and an amateur wanting to post a pic a day to improve his talent, doesn’t necessarily have the allusion of being the next Helmut Newton. For what it’s worth, I think the IG bubble has burst and folk will move elsewhere but the masses will be pissing you off for quite a while to come until it’s been milked dry and monetized to within a depth of field of it’s every worth.

    • I shan’t chill out. Why would I when it’s such fun being a bastard? Especially when it riles people up enough to make them comment? Muah-ha-ha.

  4. This sounds just like what the film photographer’s used to say about those who started using digital. I sure hope you’re enjoying developing your plates, you purist, you.

  5. Great article dude, photography is all about capturing a moment, not about how many “followers” or “likes” you can get. Instagram is a load of bull and has nothing to do with the photograph anymore. If you want to achive the “instagram” look why not use the manual settings on you camera to get it as apoose to that touch scree pice of crap in your pocket.
    Yes from the Imstagram users point of view, you can get some nice effects quickly, but for the love of god, why do you need a picture of your lunch, or that new hat you just got.

  6. I say YES, YES and YES again.
    Fuck all the fanboys out there. Fuck the guys that shows me a fucking photo of a dumb what ever… Fuck Instagram with theier dumb filters… you’re so right!

  7. Instagram is fun. Nobody tries to publish their instagramed photos in magazines. You’re just a mad person.

    I bet you like to lick poop

    • OMG, YES! I don’t like Instagram, therefore, I lick poop. I am SO glad that you figured out the correlation because, let me tell you, I’ve been losing so much sleep about this. THANK YOU for helping to understand that disliking Instagram means I enjoy feces. Definitely–load off my mind.

      Yes–I AM an angry person. It says so at the top of the blog–that I’m an angry white girl. Fair warning is given right off the bat. If nothing else, the fact that this blog is called “Screaming Into The Wind” should be an indication of some level of frustration.

      So, your handle is “fuckyou.” …Is that supposed to mean you’re NOT a mad person? “Fuckyou” is a pretty angry, blunt name; I don’t know if you’re in any position to call someone else mad.


  8. I found your blog because I am so sick of Instagram pics. I enjoy photography and I prefer to use DSLR’s over P&S and Cellphones. Use what you have and make the most of it. Fun part is 20 years from now people will kick themselves for talking thousands of crappy pictures.


  9. Great blog. Fuck instagram and all those shitty filtered pictures which are all carbon copies of each other. Fuck those pretentious hipster chicks and guys wearing ironic sunglasses.
    A bunch of uncreative, drooling drones that follow each other blindly like bats with alzheimers.

  10. I’m in love with you!

    Having every type of manual since I was a kid, studied all types of masters, been published in major art publications, and focused every drop of my essence into photography and storytelling, I can certainly see your view.

    Instagram is for fucking amateurs and it needs to fucking disappear. It’s a cheating stick and has a tendency to make people believe their own bullshit.

    I know because I’m surrounded by those who fake it.

    As far as those who believe it’s okay, check their Instagram account to self-esteem ratio.

    It takes a lifetime to learn ones craft, and the fakes don’t want to understand that, because it reveals something

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