Trout Pout, A Journey: Part Two

So…let’s continue this journey, shall we?

On the first leg of the journey, we talked about people with horrible plastic surgery, but people to whom I either didn’t have deep attachments, or surgery that, while sad, are just sad in general.  This next level is a bit closer to my heart.

Nicole Kidman.  My first experience with Nicole was the movie “Far And Away.”  My little eleven year person thought the movie was just spectacular.  While time has made me realize how NOT good this movie is, it always stuck with me, as did this lady.  I’m not an avid follower of her work, but still…always liked her stuff.

Here she is again, circa Practical Magic.  I think she actually might have had a little work at this point, but it was minimal.  But the mid part of the 2000s, I noticed she was looking a little funky.  In “Bewitched,” her face looked kind of pinched, and then all of a sudden…

HO-LEE SHIT.  This is horrifying.

This was a bit earlier in the face-freezing process, but still…lips aren’t supposed to look like that.

What possessed such a lovely looking girl to do this to her face?  Seriously–she was such an attractive person and now, she looks like a freak show.

This just makes me so sad.  The forehead is supposed to wrinkle when you make a face; it’s natural, at least once you hit a certain age.  The ability to express yourself with your face is kind of essential for an actress.  What would compel someone to go to this is beyond me.

Here we have Melanie Griffith from the “Working Girl” era.  I’ve seen a good deal of her movies, but I’ve been watching “Working Girl” since I was about eight years old, so regardless of any other work, this one has always and possibly will always be a favorite (plus, Sigourney Weaver and Harrison Ford, so WIN!)

You wouldn’t believe how few pictures there are of this woman online from the 80s and 90s.  I did find this one, though…

Look how young!

But super cute, right?  At any rate, while I know she was doing stuff  in the 90s and 00s, I didn’t follow her closely, until she popped up on the final season of “Nip/Tuck.”

DAYUM.  What the hell, Melanie?  What the hell?

Nose job, face lift, cheek implants, chin implants…all that to look younger, and she actually looks much older than she should.

Wow.  Just…wow.

After and before instead of before and after but…this is just sad.  She used to look glamorous, almost like a star from the 40s.  It’s hard to recognize her now. I understand the demands to keep yourself looking “young” in Hollywood, but this isn’t a little tweak–this is a new face, and it’s not good.

Oh, Cher.  How do I love thee?


Cher’s never made a secret of her surgery, so I’ll give her that, and judging by how Sonny Bono used to rag on her flat chest and large nose on “The Sonny and Cher Show,” I can’t say as I’m surprised she went under the knife so early.

Let me make something clear; regardless of how much surgery, I will follow Cher through a fire if need be.  I went to her concert about 10 years ago and it was spectacular.  I’ve also never lived in a world where Cher hasn’t had surgery.

Anyway…I believe this was after the first batch of work, which was overall minimal.  Smaller nose, larger boobs, but really not bad.  However, I love her original look.  The nose, the teeth–it was so unique and distinctive.  But once she started…

I’ve left out all of her in-between stuff because there’s far too much to cover.  This is fairly recent.

Oh Cher…why?

This makes me sad because instead of being known for her (vast) body of music and her acting career (come on…I know I’m not the only one surprised at her actual acting ability) and her overall talent, people know about her for her extensive plastic surgery.  She’s barely a shell of the woman she once was, physically.  It also makes me wonder if Sonny hadn’t ragged on her so hard back in the day if she’d have left herself alone.

Last for today, we have Teri Hatcher.  Another person near and dear to my heart.  I loved Lois & Clark back in the day–it’s what spawned my love of Superman.  Basically, she and Dean Cain have held a special place in my heart for the bulk of my life.

Freaking adorable.

After this, she basically faded from everyone’s minds until Desperate Housewives, which I watched faithfully for a few seasons, until it jumped ahead five years.  I lost interest at that point, so I didn’t really keep up with the shenanigans of the housewives.

Until last fall, when I saw this picture on the back of a magazine:

Hell’s Balls, I didn’t even recognize Teri at first.  Those cheeks, the lips, that nose…it’s all wrong.

Shit.  Isn’t this the woman who only a few years ago took pictures of herself just out of the shower to show the world what she looked like sans makeup?  And now she’s doing this to herself?

I’d like to see her try to deny this.

Oh Teri…you’ve made me so sad.  Why would you do this to yourself?  What compelled you to do this to yourself?

I just wonder what these people see in the mirror now.  Do they see how they used to look?  Do they see the work that’s been done and like it?  Do they see the work and hate it?  Do they see the work and want more because they feel there’s so much more to be done?

More horror to come; stand by for part three.


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