Evolution Of A Bruise

Last week, I told you lovely people about my botched blood donation, Wasted Blood.  Being the wonderfully odd person that I am, I thought I’d show how this person, whom I’m sure in no way at all screwed up, managed to mangle my arm.  Enjoy.

Here we have day one.  Fairly innocuous looking, right?  Standard blood-letting.  This was just a minute or so in to the process.  After this, it was just puffy and sore, nothing really to photograph.  However…

Day 2.  The photo doesn’t really do it justice, but at this point it was still puffy and sore, as well as unpleasantly discolored.

Day 3.  Niiiiiiice, eh?  Swelling has gone down, but still sore and extraordinarily colorful.

Day 4.  Now we’re really getting down to brass tax, aren’t we?  Purple AND yellow, and apparently listing to port.

Day 5.  The purple and yellow appear to be going their separate ways, though that purple is bound and determined to make a stand.  At this point, it was still sore, as I discovered while helping an elderly lady to her car (she likes to hold my hand, and I wasn’t going to let a little pain stop that).

Day 6.  Still sore, and the yellow has come back for more.  Oddly, the area around the needle-puncture site is devoid of bruising.

Day 7.  There aren’t many words others than “bluhych.”

Day 8.  Today.  That last batch of yellow appears to be gone, but I’m sure more is on the way.  Bruise is definitely migrating down the arm.  Still a bit on the sore side, too, but only if some pressure is applied.

Eight days I’ve been dealing with this.  I’d like to point out that I rarely bruise, even whilst giving blood.  After donating, there’s usually a puncture wound and not much else.  In general, I can walk into walls and tables and chairs and walk away with no visible marks–just built like that, I suppose.  So, for me to have a bruise of this magnitude for this long makes me very suspicious of what this lady actually did to my arm.  Just how badly did she puncture my vein to achieve something like this?  It’s really very frustrating, actually.  Especially since this woman took no ownership of the situation.  Know what was even more irritating?  She didn’t give me after-care instructions.  I’ve never had a nurse NOT do that.  They always hand me the paper with instructions, but give me verbal instructions as well.  Talk about a safety issue.  She didn’t even advise me to hurry home and apply ice (which I did…after I blogged about the experience).  Just said she couldn’t take more blood and wrapped me up.

While this won’t stop me from donating blood in the future, I won’t be going back to that location, in case the same people travel to the same spot.  And if I happen to see this lady again…hell naw.  I think I’m going to try selling plasma for a while.  At least it’ll be some form of income.


~ by raspychick on April 2, 2012.

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