Lost In Transit

Holy fuck me, how long does it take to move an item from one location to another?  I live in a town the size of a flea bite, in a county that’s the size of the bump that forms around the flea bite, and yet, season 2 of Downton Abbey has been in transit since Monday god damn night.  This is now the middle of Wednesday.  The fucker, according the library website, was in transit ALL DAY TUESDAY.  That is fucked up, and most likely a lie.

Just for the record, yes, I have an obsessive personality.  I am aware of this.  That’s why I repeatedly checked the library’s website for the status of season 2.  I’ve been on hold for a few weeks now (which seems way excessive, considering I was number 3 in line for this, and my library only allows people to check out movies for three days, with no renewal on movies (or items in general) that have a waiting list.  But anyway…

I’m actually in the library right now, hoping they’ll call and say it’s ready for me.  I get the feeling, though, that the librarians hold on to the things they actually want to see/read while things are “in transit.”  Knowing the way this works, though, I’ll probably get a call from them after I’ve run all of my other errands for the day and am just about to pull in to my driveway.  And seeing as how several of our intrepid gas retailers decided jacking their gas prices up FIFTEEN GOD DAMN CENTS overnight was a good idea, driving back and forth isn’t the best use of time and money (the only consolation is that these places will raise their gas prices astronomically every couple of days, hoping the surrounding gas stations will jump on the band wagon, which they rarely do.  It’s in those rare instances when they realize that being the most expensive gas ISN’T a super idea and I applaud them, and it usually drags those other people back down within a day…but I shan’t rant about gas prices here).

While I’m waiting, though, I’d like to take a moment to gush about how absolutely enthralling Downton Abbey is, though I don’t think my words will do it justice.

I’ll admit that the first couple of episodes, while good, didn’t drag me in the way I’d hoped, but I figured I had the discs for a few days, so there was no reason not to watch the whole thing.  Hot DAMN, it’s just engrossing.  You get to the end of the first season and you want to watch it all over again because it all somehow ties in together, and the stuff at the end of the season helps shed light on the stuff at the beginning of the season.

So now, I’m eagerly awaiting season 2 because….yeah.

I’d like to add that Maggie Smith is phenomenal…in everything she does.  I love seeing her in this show.  I love the character interactions and I love how it’s basically nothing like you’d expect from a show about social classes.

I firmly believe I need to geek out about this show with someone.

And if I’d realized it’d take this fucking long to get my hands on season 2, I would’ve spent the $20 and ordered it from the Walmart website.  Believe me when I say that it’s still tempting because I know this is a series I’m going to want to own.

I can’t even begin to express how much I want to be on this show.  I realize that I’m not British, and my British accent is a bit…lacking, but I just want to be in the background or something.  I don’t have to speak, I just want to be there and wear the costumes (I’m going to geek out and say I loooooooove shows like this for the period clothing…it’s so much fun).  I’ll go send away for my passport TOMORROW if Masterpiece Theatre would allow me to wander the grounds of this show in costume.  So, if there’s anyone out there from PBS (ha!), Masterpiece Theatre (HA!), or in some way involved with Downton Abbey (hahaHA!), pass this along.  I know I have a few readers out there (yes, I’m a megalomaniac and check my site stats religiously)…pass this along to people!  Help a sister out.

And now that I’ve groveled pathetically…

My little blog did the equivalent of blowing up yesterday–one post has three or four likes and I gained two new followers.  I think that brings me up to…five followers.  Baby steps.  Regardless, welcome!  Thanks for listening to me bitch.  Introduce yourselves and say hi.  I like feedback.

PS…if anyone happens to come across this, I apologize for the vulgar language and I’m sorry if it shocks/offends you…but not sorry enough to remove it.  Only sorry enough to add a little note on to the end.


~ by raspychick on March 28, 2012.

2 Responses to “Lost In Transit”

  1. Your blog is consistently wondrous. But please, no more apologies for your language. Because if you feel you have to do that for YOUR blog, I’ll feel as if I can’t be my usual profane self when I comment. And that would fucking suck. 😉

    • That apology was only a nod to anyone in charge of Downton Abbey who might be offended, but only if the language would stop me from being an extra. Otherwise, everyone can go fuck themselves 😉

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