I’ve Got A Signature For You

No, not really, but one of the things in this world that makes my ass twitch is when someone claims something (a color, an accessory, whatever) as their “signature.”  One of the most obnoxious was when I heard a woman claim pink was her nine-year-old’s signature color.  Really?  A nine-year-old hasn’t lived long enough to even have an appropriate handwriting signature, never mind a color she can claim as her own.  Besides the fact that every other girl that age has an obsession with pink, so it’s not a signature so much as a girlie thing.

I was at the first rehearsal of a show a couple of years ago, and this thirteen-year-old said that pearls were her signature.  This rehearsal was the only time I ever saw her wearing pearls.  Wouldn’t you think, if someone claimed something was a signature item, it would be with them pretty much all the time?

I’ve now said signature so many times, it’s lost all meaning.  I’ll press on anyway.

I worked with a director at one point who said that said that diet Dr. Pepper was her signature (non-alcoholic) drink (Johnnie Walker Red & water was the signature alcoholic beverage).  …Am I the only one who wonders how a nationally known soda could be someone’s signature?  Just because it’s your favorite doesn’t mean it’s your “thing.”  When I hear signature drink, I think of a bartender who invented some bad ass beverage, not a bottle of diet Dr. Pepper.  I mean, if these are the standards for laying claim to something, then my “signature” is sitting on my ass with my computer on my lap.

People toss around this word “signature” a bit too lackadaisically for my taste.  To have a signature anything, you should have reached a certain age, or be of a certain stature in your community/world.  Beyond that, it’s just something you’re terribly fond of.


Something of which you are terribly fond.

Fucking grammar.


~ by raspychick on March 27, 2012.

One Response to “I’ve Got A Signature For You”

  1. Oh yeah, the whole “signature” thing has gotten completely out of hand and makes me want to slap people — HARD. For something to be their ‘signature,’ and I’m really hating that word already, it has to be truly eclectic or so unique you’d have to travel at least half-way across the globe to duplicate it. Not even my black leather blazer is my ‘signature,’ because about eleventy trillion people all wear one, too.

    Too bad we can’t all get together in a single post and make a list of things that are NOT anyone’s “signature,” despite their thinking to the contrary. You made a good start in your post.

    It cracked me up that your signature would be sitting on your ass with your laptop! Mine would be sitting on my ass with a shot of Bacardi Gold over ice, shooting my mouth off about why I can’t sell a script to Law & Order: Special Victims, yet everything I say at a certain bistro in my town is usually ripped off for someone’s sitcom. (Bastards!)

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