Come With Me If You Want To Live — A Few Thoughts On T2

Terminator 2: Judgment Day.  You may be wondering how this movie could possibly be relevant now, over 20 years after its initial release.  Well, it’s not, but I want to talk about it, so fuck off.

It’s only relevant because I’ve been falling asleep to it for the past week, so it’s something that’s been on my mind.  Not that I have any new or deep thoughts regarding it, just some stuff I want to share.  Consider it another vague movie review.

I don’t remember when I first saw this movie, but I do know that I saw it long before I saw the first, so there was probably a whole lot that didn’t make sense.  Once I saw the first one, I understood why everyone was so afraid of Ahnuld in T2–original baddy.  Gotcha.  T2 would’ve been much cooler if I’d gone into with that kernel of knowledge.  Though, knowing how movie trailers work, that twist was probably revealed long before anyone saw the movie.  Please hold while I go to YouTube…

Oh yeah…total spoiler alert.

T2 Trailer

So, most likely, I saw this commercial at some point and was aware of the whole situation.  Would’ve been much more bad ass if they’d kept that a secret, especially since, in the voice over at the very beginning of the effing movie, it is said that two Terminators have been sent yadda yadda yadda.  Let the audience assume the new guy is here to do the protecting!  Then–WHAM!–mind fuck!  Not to mention that the trailer is one of the least thrilling things I’ve ever seen.  Even movies that are absolute crap and have no real action to speak of have trailers that look so bad ass that you want to see them because you think there’s going to be so much action you’ll leave the theater sweating.  This one…meh.  I realize that it’s 20 years old and standards were different then, but still.

At any rate, the jig would have been up the moment the camera focused on Ahnuld’s feet and we heard the opening chords of Bad To The Bone.  Thank you for the cheese, James Cameron.  Let’s make sure everyone is clear on the fact that this is now the good guy and leave absolutely no suspense AT ALL.  Sheesh.

And Bad To The Bone…really?  Cliche much?

But I start to wonder about time traveling and all that when I watch movies like this (if I think too hard about Back to the Future, I feel my brain throbbing) and…yeah.  Okay, think about this; these people in the future must be the worst secret-keepers EVER.  How else would the machines and the people both manage to send a bad guy and a savior to the same place and time–TWICE?  To me, that doesn’t sound like a leak, it sounds like god damn sky writing.  “Hey, puny humans!  We’re sending a Terminator to kill Sarah Connor on this date at this time.  Do you want to send someone to try to protect her?”  But then I think…this is the future, so John Connor would already know the details from his mother, so he’d send his father to protect her, but that means the whole thing already happened; then there’s the whole possibility that John Connor didn’t send Kyle Reese back in time, then the whole debacle wouldn’t have occurred because then there’d have been no need to send a Terminator, who was then destroyed and the parts kept for scientists to explore, leading to the beginning of Skynet…oy.  My head is hurting already.

All right, but let’s ignore the first movie–that’s not my concern at the moment.  First, I’m still baffled about how both Terminators managed to land about the same time.  If the “good guys” knew when Skynet was sending their bad guy, why wouldn’t the good guys just send  their guy earlier?  Or if the bad guys had this knowledge, why not send their Terminator earlier, when John Connor was a fetus or an infant?  Wouldn’t he have been pretty vulnerable then?  Though, as I thought about why they chose this particular moment, I also considered the possibility these attempts have been going on for years, and that each time, the good machine managed to destroy the bad machine before anything could happen to John Connor…though it just occurred to me that, if that were the case, there’d be good Terminators running all over the place.

This shit makes my head hurt.  Seriously.

This is why I try not to think too hard about time travel movies–it makes your head run in circles.  Though, I may have to watch the Back to the Future trilogy so I can write confusing reviews for those as well.

However, T2 has some truly bad ass shit.  I was watching the T-1000 morph from Annelle into his original form, and was amazed how the technology has held up this long; all told, it looks pretty good, and not hokey the way a lot of stuff winds up looking, so it’s obvious James Cameron knows what he’s doing, one way or another.  It also occurred to that these morphing scenes would be much more intricate nowadays, probably in front of a green screen and it, ultimately, wouldn’t look as cool.  Also, the fact that identical twins were used for scenes instead of filming the same person separately kind of rocks my world.  I didn’t know that Linda Hamilton had a twin until a few years ago when I read the IMDB trivia about T2; made the double Sarah Connor scenes a bit more bodacious.


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