(More) Adventures With Mommie Dearest

We had a busy night last night, apparently.

We bought the first season of Hoarders because we’ve heard…things about this show, and for $8, you can’t beat it.  Anyway, we popped it in when we got home and let the horror commence.

Well, the woman was fairly weepy during the whole course of watching this show (which was irritating as all hell and I kept telling her to knock it off.  I know that sounds mean, but if you knew how often she becomes weepy, especially when she wants to make a situation about herself…) (also, it was possibly due in part to the alcohol being consumed).  Anyway, we got to this episode where this woman, even with the help of the psychologist and organizer and moving crew, wouldn’t let them throw away anything.  Only two of her five kids were there to help, one of who was fighting cancer at that particular moment.  The organizer was trying to convince the crazy lady that she should throw away this stuff she bought, intending to repair and resell but never got around to doing either.  Her sick daughter basically begged her to say that her family was more important than the stuff, and the woman threw away an old vacuum cleaner.  But later, they showed her picking up little bits of crap she wanted to keep, and her other daughter that was helping became extremely frustrated and basically realized it was futile, that her mother had always chosen crap over the kids and would always do so (their father is a former drunk/junkie, so we know what he always chose), and her mother kept saying, “You’re not here all the time; my stuff is.”

This made me wonder what exactly had happened to this woman to make her feel this way.

Anyway, while this is going on, my mother says (weepy, of course), “I can’t imagine choosing anything over you.”

I almost choked.  It took all that I had not remind her that choosing everything over her kids was what she had ALWAYS done; her husband, alcohol, buying crap for herself and not her kids wearing high-water pants…something was always more important than her kids.

Perhaps she didn’t beat us with wire hangers, but we certainly weren’t a priority, and hearing her imply that this was not the case made my head spin.



~ by raspychick on March 17, 2012.

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