I Despise Helen Hunt, And So Can You!

I mentioned the other day that Helen Hunt makes my stomach churn, though I did not explain why.  I felt that a rant about this woman would take away from the message I was trying to send (you know…the message that I like movies), so I kept it all inside.  However, I feel now is that time.  Plus, I’m waiting for an iPhone to recover via iTunes (this thing really is a pain in my ass–only another 65 minutes!).

The reasons that I despise this woman are not profound or extreme.  Actually, it’s pretty mundane, but it works for me.  Also, I did not always feel this way.  I had nothing against her all those years ago when I first started watching “Girls Just Want To Have Fun,” nor did I want to punch her when I first started watching “Mad About You” back in the day.  However, while watching “Mad About You,” there was always something a little off-putting about her, which I finally realized was her fake smile.  It’s this little pulled-back lips/sneer combo which makes my ass twitch (it’s a bit ironic, seeing as how when she actually smiles, it’s pretty decent) and she uses it with a great frequency in her body of work (the bulk of which, fortunately, I have not really seen).

At any rate, the hatred kicked in probably the second to last season of “MAY;” I remember the season before that still caring about the characters and being very happy when she managed to become pregnant on the show.  However, not long into the next season, I began seeing articles with Helen Hunt discussing her character’s condition, and that she refused to wear maternity clothes because she didn’t want to look fat.

What the cock?

And sure enough, over the course of the pregnancy, she wore a series of baggy shirts and sweaters which, ironically, made her look fat, not pregnant.  Had she worn maternity clothes…

That always just rubbed me the wrong way, though.  You don’t want to look fat while playing pregnant?  Who the fuck cares?  That’s exactly the attitude the producers should have adopted, too.  My response would have been to happily say, “That’s cool; you don’t have to wear maternity clothes.  In fact, you don’t have to wear any of our clothes.  I’ve got a dozen actresses lined up outside, ready to wear maternity clothes and work for half the money.  Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.”  If  someone wants you to wear clothing that is genuinely offensive (though I’m not sure what that would be), I can understand putting your foot down.  But because you don’t want to “look fat,” you just sound like a psychotic bitch on a power trip.  Get over yourself.  Just say, “Too bad.  She’s pregnant, she’s wearing maternity gear.”  Of course, had I been the costume designer, I would have had a blast putting her in the bulkiest, most unattractive, unflattering clothing possible.  If memory serves, they did a pretty good job with that anyway.  But that whole thing turned me off to the whole show and I rarely watched it after that.

I know it seems like a petty reason, and it probably is, but she pulled petty shit.  Fuck you, don’t want to look fat.  If they want to put you in a fat suit, you fucking bend over and take it up the tailpipe, you whore.

While I don’t feel that the people who run TV shows should be allowed to crap all over the people who work beneath them, they certainly shouldn’t allow the actors to pull that sort of crap.  Respect your place in the chain of command and realize that there are people who might know just a little better than you.

Of course, judging by how haggard and Skeletor-ish she’s been looking lately (ie “Then She Found Me,” “Soul Surfer”), she likely is always worried about “being fat” and has wound up making herself waaaaaaaaaaay too skinny.  Eat a damn burger, Helen Hunt!

I don’t particularly like her clone, Leelee Sobieski, either, though a lot of that is from when I saw her on Jon Stewart years ago and she never once cracked a smile.  Fuck you if you can’t laugh at Jon Stewart–he’s awesome.

I’m not a big fan of Helen Hunt’s acting, either, so that doesn’t hurt my ability to despise her.


~ by raspychick on March 13, 2012.

22 Responses to “I Despise Helen Hunt, And So Can You!”

  1. She’s definitely not my fave “actress,” especially since it’s more a question of personality than acting when she takes on a role. She makes me cringe, because she’s constantly squinting and screwing her face up like she’s trying to see a fly on the side of the Matterhorn.

    I never thought she had good chemistry with her co-star on “Mad About You,” which is why I couldn’t sit through more than three eps in its entire run. The only role I’ve thought she was okay in was “Twister,” and when you take a hard look at that flick it was clear she had VERY generous co-stars propping up her performance. I wouldn’t turn on the TV solely to watch her in something, let’s put it that way.

  2. I can’t stand her and I have never understood why she’s an America’s sweetheart. She acts the exact same way she is in real life, so yeah, she can’t act. I never got how she won the Oscar, especially after seeing the movie she got it for. I can’t find a single movie of hers that I like her in. She’s always made me want her character dead, no matter the movie. Mad About You would’ve been better without her.

    Glad to finally find someone who agrees, after random minutes of scouring the internet for one.

  3. I think The fact that we all showed up for this twisted party says it all.

  4. Ok…. so I’m watching “as good as it gets” and I’m thinking WTF is up this bitches ass? you can tell she’s NOT acting she seems like a miserable one note nag !,
    I wanted to cut myself but instead I came here. Its reassuring to know I am not alone in my observations.

  5. Very wooden acting, i’ve always found her so.. plus just reading Cyndi Lauper’s memoir & she comments that when HH was directing & starring in
    Mad About You there was real tension on the set! i believe it! Her male counter part in the ‘lame’ acting field in my opinion is: Ben Affleck!

    • LOL…. Its nice to know that there is a site that we can vent about these awful people, LOL another one that rubs me wrong and makes me want to get in a hot tub and slit my wrists is “snookie” what the fuck has happen to this country? LOL Ben Affleck king dousche……

  6. I am re-watching MAY, and I just got to the last two seasons. Originally, I never made it that far, having dropped off around season 5. I guess life got busy, or the network switched nights…either way, I had the same visceral reaction to both Helen Hunt and her character as the seasons progressed. I agree that I did care the first few seasons about her character, and was looking forward to seeing the body of work that this actress would produce. I remember being bored by her post MAY work…same character, more wrinkles. I do not see the charm. In addition, her character on MAY becomes increasingly rude, selfish and more condescending….if that is possible. I have read as she became co-executive producer, she was entitled to more idea submissions, as well as axing dialogue and scenes she didn’t like. I do understand that most actor/producers are given this perk, but it is unusual to receive this title within 5 years of a show’s run, and even then actors are usually timid to start a reign of terror until they are secure in their working knowledge. The “friends” barely produced and directed until their 8th or 9th season. I shall remain silent on her personal life…but as an actress, I sincerely wish she had an actual day job.

    Thanks for your thoughts….good to know you are out there!

  7. Awesome! I loathe Helen Hunt too! I can’t stand her muffley voice. I can’t stand her flat, disinterested presentation in EVERYTHING I’ve ever seen her in. I just can’t stand her. Ugh.

  8. Hellen hunt,thinks she is something of a god:
    I heard it from staff on the set: when asked by staff if she wants tea coffee or something to eat her reply is: ” do not address me directly, please talk to my assistant” can you believe this bitch. I know someone on the staff that provided her with a much needed service who told Ellen hunt to get lost and left her standing with her ” dick” in her hand.

  9. I agree with this person …. I HATE HELEN HUNT TOO!!!!!

  10. I hate the way she stares people down… With her mouth open. It’s like someone once told her that her evil death stares were a little too intense so ever since she’s opened her mouth just a little to take the intensity off of them. And now she looks like this stupid open mouthed evil starey eyed doll.

  11. well, can’t really say much, but she was way too old for then she found me – bette midler looked too young to be her mom

  12. She ‘acts’ like something so horrible happened to her, and years later wants you to ask her what it was. But she won’t tell you because you don’t have the capacity to understand. If you had the chance to meet and greet with her, here’s what the conversation would be. “Hi Helen, it’s so nice to meet you. I love your work.” Her reply: “And”?. You: I loved you in Twister. Her reply: “And”? You: I always wanted the chance to tell you I like you. Her: ” okaaaay”, and with eyes raised, a smirk of bewilderment, walks away.

  13. I think Helen Hunt only plays one role.

  14. I find it very painful and annoying watching her act. I agree that something so horrible and traumatic happened to her that she just relives it everyday. They should make an after school special about that lol. Which reminds me of the first thing I saw her in was an after school special. Where she played a teenager who tried drugs and screamed hysterically while jumping out of a 2nd or third story window. I laughed my ass off when I saw it and still laugh when I occasionally watch it on youtube.

    It’s like finger nails on a chalk board watching her act. There is something that is just not right. Maybe her face is frozen from both or she really did take drugs in that after school special and she can only make that smug suffering face she is always wearing.

  15. She always plays a character I don’t like, somethings gotta give.. hated that character. Cast away her character I didn’t like either. Twister didn’t care for her. It’s not that I don’t like her (maybe I do and don’t know it) but her characters bug the crap out of me. Never saw Mad about you but I probably wouldn’t have liked her in it anyway.

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