I Cannot Abide By Ignorance

This came across my radar via Facebook the other day:

“i just seen that Pampered Chef was bought by Warren Buffets company which takes part of the profits from pampered chef and gives it to planned parenthood for abortions which mean this girl will not buy any of there products caused im not gonna support abortions”

(Yes, it was actually written like that; no punctuation, bad grammar–makes me sooooo proud to have had this chick as a classmate)

All right…first of all, I try to stay out of Facebook crap.  I’ll post political stuff occasionally and stuff about atheism from time to time, but overall, getting into fights on FB just isn’t worth it.  You wind up trying to pander to the lowest common denominator and you just give yourself a headache.  Secondly, trying to argue with religious freaks is almost completely pointless, even when you have physical proof of what you’re saying, and all the other person can say is, “I believe!”

However, this just really pissed me off.  Planned Parenthood isn’t about abortions; it’s about protection and prevention and education.  If this chick had bothered to look up the organization AT ALL, she would know this.  Unfortunately, crazy brain-washed bible-thumpers are unable to look past the dreaded “A-word.”  And they only see it in black and white; you get pregnant, you have a baby.  When I brought up that whole, “What happens if a woman is raped and gets pregnant” argument, it was ignored to continue to mention, “Make whoopie, make baby, have baby.”


Do I think that abortions should be used as a form of birth control?  Absolutely not.  Sadly, there are girls out there who who rather get six or seven abortions than take pills or use condoms.  Yes, that’s pretty gross, but still; it’s a personal choice that a woman has a right to make.  I’m not going to try to enforce a law that says a woman can’t do that to her own body.

I just can’t understand why a woman would be anti-choice.  It makes no sense.  Fine; you don’t agree with abortions, that’s your call.  But you should still understand that an abortion may be the proper choice for someone else.  Not to mention that, at present, there’s a bunch of men attempting to make these decisions for us.  That should piss women off regardless.  How can someone who is in no way equipped to carry a child make the decision that someone else has to give birth?  That’s fucked up, plan and simple.  Especially because these decisions are often based on religious beliefs and nothing more (and I firmly believe that if a church doesn’t want to pay taxes, then the church and its parishioners shouldn’t be allowed to let their beliefs influence state and federal laws.  PERIOD.).

It’s the simplest fucking thing in the world, though.  Don’t want an abortion?  Don’t fucking have one.  Do what’s right for you.  But just because you don’t want to have one, doesn’t mean you should be able to tell others they can’t have an abortion.  That’s not your business.  Besides, I can guarantee you that the average woman doesn’t WANT an abortion; she might just feel it’s necessary for HERSELF at that moment.  Has anyone else seen the number of homeless children in this country alone?  The hoops people have to go through just to be ELIGIBLE to adopt a child is ridiculous, never mind how long it takes to get a baby after all that.  No wonder there’s such a black market for children.  It’s easier to get a gun.  Shouldn’t the people who want to purchase a gun have to go through the exact same rigmarole as prospective parents?  Shouldn’t the gun guidelines be even stricter, all things considered?

Abortions have been around for as long as women have been getting pregnant.  This is not a new process.  There has ALWAYS been a method/methods that allow women to terminate a pregnancy.  There will always be a method to terminate a pregnancy.  It may be given a different name, but the outcome will always be the same.  Christ.

And could some rabid pro-lifer explain this to me?  Bursting into a procedure room to gun down the doctor, patient (and by extension the child they so adamantly want to save), and any other staff present, all to protest an abortion?  If an abortion is murder, then what the fuck did you just do?  Genocide, that’s fucking what.  Makes no god damn sense to me.

You know what else is retarded?  Saying things like “Choose life!”  Ummm…did you just say “choose?”  If you’re choosing life, that means you’re–SURPRISE–pro-choice.  Congratulations.

How would you feel if someone told you you had to get an abortion?  That you couldn’t have a baby?  If people saw a pregnant woman walking into an OB-GYN’s office and ran up and punched her in the stomach, attempting to abort the baby?  Doesn’t make a bit of god damn sense, does it?  Neither does forcing a child upon someone.

While I’m glad the law Virginia was trying to pass didn’t work out, it’s still bullshit to force someone to have an ultrasound before an abortion.  Do you think guilting a woman into having a child is effective?  We’ve already established that putting a child into the system isn’t very effective–people want designer babies, they want to choose the birth mother, they want to control the circumstances, they don’t want to leave the genetics up to chance.

What’s really almost ironic about the post I mentioned earlier is that her husband is a HUGE philanderer.  He used to work for my mother; she’s familiar with him (not in that way, you sick fucks) and his “quirks.”  He’s also a thief, but that’s neither here nor there.  I just wonder if this girl would be so anti-abortion if some girlfriend of her husband showed up pregnant and wanted part of his paycheck.  I bet she’d be all for abortion at that point.

And I want to know–if that fetus you save turns out to be gay, will you still support its rights?  Will you still stand up for this person, or will you toss him into the garbage now that he doesn’t fit into your small set of beliefs?  Are you willing to stand up for all life, or just the lives that have yet to be born?  Because if you’re pro-life, you damn well better be ready to support the rights of human life all over the world.  And you can’t support a human’s life if you’re not supporting its rights, and in America, that includes the right to choose.

Pro-choice has never meant pro-abortion.  There are TONS of women out there who don’t believe in abortion, but also believe it’s not their right to say what’s best for everyone else and will support another woman’s right to choose.

So good for you, Warren Buffet.  I’ve never bought Pampered Chef before, but if you’re going to donate a portion of its proceeds to Planned Parenthood, then you may have a loyal customer in this angry white girl.


PS…I hate to pimp myself at the end of a blog like this, but I know there are a few readers out there.  Please feel free to say hi, comment, repost, whatever.  I have a fragile ego and would like it to be stroked from time to time.


~ by raspychick on March 12, 2012.

One Response to “I Cannot Abide By Ignorance”

  1. I’m so glad I stumbled across your blog. (No worries, I landed softly and didn’t hurt myself.) You’re very eloquent and the passion with which you speak is always captivating. I feel the same way about Warren Buffet now — time to go buy myself something unique from The Pampered Chef.

    What you say is always well thought out, as well as thought-provoking. I admire those qualities in a person. If you keep blogging, I’ll definitely keep reading!

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