A Few More Vague Movie Reviews

I’m waiting for something to finishing downloading, so I thought I’d throw a few more of these your way.  Though this time, I’ll actually cover a few movies I enjoyed.

Let’s start here.  I watched this last night.  Low Expectations with this one.  Wasn’t disappointed in that regard.  See, I really don’t like Anna Faris.  Like, at all.  Maybe she’s the world’s best actress, but the only vibe I’ve ever gotten from her and her “body of work” is complete airhead.  And even if she isn’t, she’s a mediocre at best actress.  That said, she was probably perfect for this role, even though I frequently felt awkward and uncomfortable watching her stumble through (and does anyone know if she had her lips done for this, or was it just makeup?).  It had hints of Snow White & The Seven Dwarves (and definitely reminded me of Sydney White), and the supporting cast wasn’t bad.  Emma Stone entertained the crap out of me, and I didn’t have the usual visceral reaction to Rumor Willis, so that was good.  What confused me, though, was this…you have a sorority house with social rejects, who have a difficult time speaking to boys.  Okay, fine.  However, one of the sorority sisters was massively pregnant.  Despite her vast pregnancy, she still behaved shy and insecure, as if she had no idea how to land a man.  Anyone else think that doesn’t jive somehow?  While the knocked up girl most likely doesn’t need to draw the attention of another fine young lad, she at least shouldn’t seem baffled about inter-gender communications.  This one gets a C.

Oddly enough, there are a few Emma Stone movies on the list time.  Anyway, I saw this last spring, so it’s not a newbie for me, but I wanted to share my important opinion on the matter.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It had a lot more substance  than I ever expected, and I found that I actually felt something for Olive, and it wasn’t complete disgust.  Her “best friend”  Rhiannon was obnoxious, and the part early on where Rhiannon keeps insisting that Olive slept with some guy, despite Olive simply saying that she didn’t, pissed me off.  The part that I found entirely unbelievable was that anyone in high school actually cared whether or not a girl loses her virginity.  Hell, it’s been over ten years since I was in high school and most of the people I knew were way sexually active, and were more likely to brag about their conquests than feel shunned (the only reason I knew at least some of these conquests were true was the number of teenage pregnancies in my class alone).  Whether or not losing one’s virginity in high school should be shocking is a matter for a different post.  At this point in time, the entire school wouldn’t be scandalized, and it certainly wouldn’t be the topic of conversation for more than a day.  But still; I’ve seen it several times and enjoy it.  Love Stanley Tucci; love the supporting cast (even Amanda Bynes to a degree).  This one gets an (Easy) A.

I laughed my ass off.  Seriously.  One of the first things out of Paul’s mouth is “Ah, fuck me.”  You’ve got to respect that.  Ordinarily, I’m not a fan of Simon Pegg/Nick Frost (and please…someone tell Simon Pegg that he’s not a romantic lead.  It’s not working), but they played characters I could completely relate to (read: geeks), so that made it enjoyable.  The character of Ruth was the sort of person I encounter on a regular basis in my neck of the woods, so she initially made my skin crawl, but Kristin Wiig did justice to the character.  Ruth easily could have been a caricature and completely ridiculous, but she was played so seriously and straight-faced that I totally bought it.  What impressed me even more was the emotion of the movie, especially considering that the main character wasn’t even really there during filming.  If you didn’t find yourself rooting for Paul, you’re a dipshit.  And…The Big Guy?  Fucking Awesome.  A

This one came to my attention because of various churches showing the movie.  One day in Target, I happened across the book and opened it up.  The first page was a bunch of Jesus shit, so I figured…nah, not so much.  But the idea of it being a true story really intrigued me, so I watched it.  I was pleasantly surprised that the level of schmaltz was so low, and that the extreme religious messages that seem to be so prevalent in the book were not present in the movie.  Considering the veracity of this tale, it’s a pretty interesting movie, and it’s pretty sweet that girl who wrote the book did the one-armed surfing stunts in the flick.  So, kudos.  Two (major) downsides, though.  Carrie Underwood is one–seriously, people.  I know her role wasn’t huge, but there are plenty of other vapid-looking blondes in Hollywood with a southern accent who could have done that shit.  It didn’t have to be an Idol.  The second would be Helen Hunt.  Oh my fucking god I can’t stand that woman.  That would have to be a post entirely unto itself, but she makes me want to bite puppies and punch babies.  Nevermind the fact that she now looks like the Crypt Keeper.  Because of Helen Hunt alone, I can’t give this movie higher than C+

Hey, there’s Kristin Wiig again!  I was thoroughly entertained by this, and pleasantly surprised that it seemed to have real conflict mixed in with the shit that just wouldn’t happen.  Failed business, out-of-control wedding expenses, the cost of being a poor bridesmaid…all that stuff balanced out things like the incestuous, doughy roommates (*shudder*).  And, come on, the food poisoning scene is HA-larious.  I couldn’t contain myself.  What I enjoyed was, while there moments that were supremely awkward (like that scene at the engagement party where Kristin Wiig and what’s-her-name kept trying to one-up each other), they knew they were awkward and played it to the hilt.  It helped that I could relate a lot to the central character; I’ve frequently had to try to enjoy the half of a “schmoopy” conversation that I could hear as my friend ignored me to talk to the latest dude or whatever.  Even better that the idea of a sequel seems to have been squashed.  B+

I’m g0ing to say that this book is un-fucking-believable.  It was hard to put down.  I loved everything about it.  I hate hearing stupid people talk about it (ie–a customer at work was reading it one day, and her big issue was that the child’s name was Mae Mobley.  Yeah…please worry about that).  Anyway, it had me looking forward to the movie (hey, it’s Emma Stone again), and once I finally got to see it (by the by, the movie wasn’t released in my town…telling, isn’t it?), I wasn’t disappointed in that, either.  I was more than pleased with how well it stuck to the book–helps that the author was on set all the time, and the director was a good friend of hers, that sort of thing.  It does go a long way with being able to stay true to the story.  It was supremely acted…overall…and I’m not ashamed to say that I cried a couple of times.  A couple of things, though.  I wouldn’t have cast Emma Stone as Skeeter; I realize she’s the latest It Girl, but the character was supposed to be about 6 feet tall–this was kind of an important point for the character, and I can guarantee that Hollywood (hell, the world) has a few girls with acting skills combined with height.  (sidebar–I’m pretty tall myself, and when I see a tall book character portrayed by a shorter person, I get disappointed.  It’s as if it’s not okay to be tall in the movies if you have a vagina)  However, she was good in the role.  But please, for the love of all that is impure, can we please stop putting Ron Howard’s daughter in movies?  Please?  She’s not impressing me, and we all know how she managed to get her start, don’t we?  A

See?  That batch was much more positive.


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