Mini Rant

Know what pisses me off in the unholiest of ways?  When I’m at some random fast food chain, pouring iced tea from one of their various jugs.  These are all (usually) clearly labeled as either sweet or unsweet.  I always go for unsweet because iced tea with sugar is absolutely disgusting.  Anyway, I’ll be pouring my naturally delicious ice cold beverage and some helpful fuck will quickly exclaim, “Did you know that’s unsweet?!”  Fucking really?  Yes, I know it’s unsweetened.  I’m pouring it from the one marked–wait for it–“Unsweet!”  This may seem hard to believe, but people actually do drink iced tea without sugar.  And why the fuck do you care so much?  If I’m pouring unsweet by accident–more sugar for you!  You fat fucks.

Yeah…it pisses me off.  Don’t be so alarmed by the notion of someone drinking iced tea with no sugar.  I assure–it’s totally legitimate.


~ by raspychick on March 4, 2012.

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