Unattended Children Will Be Given An Espresso And A Free Puppy

I have a question for the world–when did your children become the responsibility of the world at large?  I mean, I’ve heard the expression that it “takes a village,” and that’s find.  But shouldn’t that village start with the people who produced the child/children/devil’s spawn?

Somewhere along the way, parents decided it was no longer their job to actually raise their children.  Instead, it became the job of whomever happened to be handy.

You see it everywhere–I dare you to walk into a mall or department store and NOT find a child running around without supervision.

Don’t worry–I’ll wait.

Can’t do it, can you?  That’s because no one watches their god damn children anymore.  Hell, even if the little bastards aren’t running around and causing trouble, the “parent” with it is usually on their cell phone, completely disregarding the “precious life” they insist on dragging around like an accessory.  Instead, they expect other people to be aware of what their child is doing, if they’re causing trouble, breaking shit, whatever.  But don’t you DARE tell the child to not do something stupid.  Oh, that makes these super parents angry.

My mother works with furniture, so she sees this phenomenon frequently.  Children often jump on beds and run across couches, hide in rug racks and just generally behave as if it’s their playground.  But as soon as she tells these kids they’re not allowed to do this, the parents get pissed.

Fucking kidding me?  Your child is misbehaving and you’re mad because the child was corrected?

This is where we’re getting to be an even more fucked society than ever.

Half the time, the kids don’t know any better because their parents let them do this shit at home.  I suppose, if it’s in your own home, whatever, but still teach them manners for behaving in public.  Certainly act as if the people who don’t want their merchandise trashed are in the wrong.

Just as bad are the parents who say shit such as, “Please don’t do that,” or “I’d like you to stop, please.”  Bullshit.  You are not here to be a friend to your child, you’re a god damn parent.  You enforce shit.  If your kids hate you, there’s a good chance you’re doing something right.  Do some fucking parenting.

No one wants to hear your children scream and run around and pick up after them in a place that is not designated for such behavior.  Because you know these uber parents never clean up after their spawn.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen kids throw copious amounts of food on the floor in a restaurant and the parents just casually leave without ever attempting to clean the mess.  Nor do they ever tell these animals to stop.  Why should they?  That would just interrupt their conversation.

If you’re not in McDonald’s playland or some such, your children belong next to you, attached to your hand.  Put down your god damn cell phone, stop socializing with anyone who comes at you and pay attention to your fucking child.  Parent.  You did the fucking deed to get yourself into the situation, now take care of it.  Watching after your child is your responsibility alone.  Don’t like it?  Don’t have ’em.  But certainly don’t expect it to be okay for your creature to run around on someone else’s  property.  And don’t get pissed at me when I tell the kid to knock it off.  Do your god damn job!


~ by raspychick on March 1, 2012.

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