SVU & Me: A Brief History

So, back in the day, I started to watch this little show.  You might have heard of it.

doink doink

When I started watching, it was basically like this:

See how young?

But, I didn’t really start watching until the chick with the crazy hair wasn’t part of the cast.  I have nothing against crazy hair, it just worked out that way.  She was replaced with

Good on a hot day

I watched for years through this

Nice hair, Mariska

(Though, around this time

showed up, and she’s kind of one of my heroes)

Then this

People totally sit like this all the time around the office. Especially law enforcement.

But, all the while, I was really just watching for a little bit of this

hoping for a dash of

But I knew it was a pipe dream.

Then this happened while Mariska was off popping out a child

And I was all

But fortunately, she went away and all was better.

I continued to watch through this

seriously…does anyone really remember the dude on the end?

and this

That ADA made no impact AT ALL. Don’t even know her name. Why is she even in the picture?!

and this one

Why are all the ADAs blonde? Is it a conspiracy?

Then there was this

Sweet mother of…what the hell is wrong with her face?!

It was only for one episode, but it was scary as fuck.

I still kind of held out hope for this

Even though by this point it was season 12 and yeah…we all knew it wasn’t gonna happen.

Then I heard that Christopher Meloni wouldn’t be coming back for season 13, and I was all

and then

So season 13 rolled around, and it looked like this

but I still felt like this

especially when this


showed up a couple of times.

Seriously?  What’s that about?

But now I’m kind of getting used to the new guys

Danny Pino is cool…verdict is still out on Kelly Giddish

But then all of a sudden, I heard about this

and got a little excited because Harry Connick Jr is AWESOME.

Then I saw this


and kind of did this

only, I had to hug myself.

So, now that this

is a possibility–nay, a likelihood, SVU is definitely all

WTF does this have to do with solving crimes?


HOWEVER, I have heard that there is a possibility of Mariska Hargitay leaving the show and that this


is likely to be her replacement.

If that ever happens, my reaction will be this

then this

Fortunately, I’ve heard that Mariska is planning on staying, but still.  That’s how it’ll go down.

Thanks for playing.


~ by raspychick on February 23, 2012.

4 Responses to “SVU & Me: A Brief History”

  1. Holy fucking shit! This is the FUNNIEST damned thing I have seen in FOREVER! I’m a hardcore Belz fan, so I get even less of him than you did of CM & MH, but I admire MH for hanging in there with the show. (And her awesome paydays!) I wish you’d do more of these, like maybe with each character from the show — my vote is, of course, for you to do one with Munch first.

    OMG, I’ll be laughing ALL NIGHT! Thank you for that post! 😀

    • Glad you liked it, dude. I think I’ve got a few other fandoms in mind, though nothing specific as yet. I’d have to marinate on a character evolution, though Munch would probably be the most entertaining, see as how he’s been on so many different shows as that character. Please feel free to reblog, repost, link this to anywhere you like–spread the word!

      • Thanks for permission to reblog, repost and link. I might just do that when I’m in between doing some social media for a friend of mine, who’s made an *incredibly powerful* indie film with Belz in it, among others. It’s called “Polish Bar,” and I saw it yesterday afternoon at a special showing in Hollywood, at the Director’s Guild of America’s theatre.

        I think you would seriously dig this movie because it’s *deep* and works on so many levels. While it’s about an Orthodox Jewish family in Chicago, it could be a story about almost any family, really. We’re working really hard to get LIKES for the flick on Facebook, since these days indie films need a TON of LIKES to get a distribution deal. Would it be okay if I posted the link here, in a comment, to let people know about the film? No worries if you’d rather I didn’t; I’ll understand with no hard feelings. 🙂

        I’m definitely going to let my Facebook and Twiiter pals know about your blog, because I still laugh out loud over your SVU post. It’s so great! 😀

        Nice to make your acquaintance! — Glock35Gal (Cardinal Robbins)

      • Please do! Link away 🙂

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