I’m sorry…that’ll be HOW MUCH?

A few weeks ago, my mother’s car decided to go kaput.  We’re not entirely sure, but it’s probably the engine.  So, since it’s an old car and already has issues, the general verdict has been to replace the car instead of repair it.  We’ve been sharing my car ever since, which isn’t really an issue–it only takes me about 3 minutes to get to work and her ride is about 10 minutes if she hits all the lights at the wrong time.  She puts gas in it, so fine…no problem with that end.

No, the issue I’m having is the fact that every single person selling their used car thinks it’s worth a fucking fortune.

Don’t believe me?  Look on Craigslist.  These people are insane.  $1500 for a ’91 Honda Accord with over 200k on it?  Fucking kidding me with this?  It’s seriously ridiculous.  What’s just as bad is that there are people out there selling their broken cars for just as much.  Really?  I’m going to pay $1200 for a ’97 Blazer that needs a transmission and/or an engine?  If your car doesn’t work, sell it for a couple hundred bucks and be done with it.  I saw someone the other day trying to sell their 2001 Cavalier for $4000.  Bullshit, man.  I have an ’02 Cavalier that I paid $5000 for five years ago.  There is no way in all the fucking levels of hell that your car is worth that much.  In peak condition, my car is now worth around $2000, and how many cars over ten years old are in peak condition?  Almost none.  So the odds of a car older than mine being worth 4 grand are slim to none.

These people on CL are asking for the money that one should be paying at a dealer; a dealer, who I might mention, that would offer financing or a payment plan.  These people want $3000 for their ’96 Nissan up front.  Seriously?  The people who have that kind of money to just plunk down on a car are the people who have the money to actually buy a new car.  The people looking for cars on Craigslist are the ones who, uh, DON’T.  For the love of baby jesus, man.

The people IRL who are trying to sell cars aren’t any better.  Yesterday, I checked on a car–2001 Chevy Metro.  Bastard wanted $2900 for it.  Fuck you very much.  It’s a god damn, eleven year old used car and you want almost three THOUSAND for it?  With that kind of money, I could make a down payment on a Ford Focus.  The other day, I pulled over to see a car–don’t remember the make, but it was a ’97 and they wanted $4000.  What the fuck?  The car is fifteen years old.

Okay, I get that back in the day, you paid good money for your new car.  I do–I get it.  But just because you paid $10,000 20 years ago doesn’t mean you’re going to get that money back.  You’ve gotten your money’s worth out of that car, now pass it along to someone else.  Look up the Kelley Blue Book price before you try to sell and don’t try to sodomize the general public with your ridiculous pricing demands.  It’s wonderful that a car has been good to you, but that doesn’t give me the assurance that your 20 year old car is going to get me home, never mind actually let me travel any sort of distance.  Be realistic.  And if you know that it needs work to get it to actually move, you don’t have the right to ask for anything beyond a triple digit, and that better be on the low end.

People are fucking ridiculous.

Of course, this goes to the rest of Craigslist, too.  I can’t speak for most of the country in that regard, but in my neck of the woods, every item anyone has ever owned is worth a fucking fortune.  They don’t care if it’s an old pair of jeans, they still want $20 for them.  “I paid $100 for them five years ago–this is a steal.  The price is firm–no low-ballers.”  I’ve been shopping around for tickets to a super-awesome-fantastico concert that’s coming to my area next month; do you think anyone selling their tickets on CL is asking for a reasonable price?  Fuck no.  The best you might get is the cost of the tickets without the convenience fees, but usually they want to make back what they spent.  Isn’t the point of CL to make some money, not all of your money?  If you’re trying to get rid of something and have decided CL (of all places) is the place to sell it….be happy with what you get.  Christ, dude.  What’s crazy about the ticket situation is that there are still tickets available through the actual venue.  Why would I pay full price through a random person as opposed to full price from the official site?  Are you kidding?  People are ridiculous.  The purpose of CL is to get rid of crap, not to bilk everyone.

Get a fucking grip, people.


~ by raspychick on February 14, 2012.

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