People Are Littering Bastards

So, another WTF? moment. About an hour ago, I pulled into a McDonald’s parking lot to pilfer their wi-fi. I parked in a space, there was an open spot next to my driver’s side and in the space next to that, was a big ass white van, probably used by people who either repair shit, or pretend to repair shit. There’s a dude standing next to the open passenger side door, fiddling around with whatever he needs to on his seat. As I open my car door, the dude starts to get in to the van, and I see him just casually drop a partially filled fast food soda cup to the ground. Seriously? What the fuck, man? The worst part is that is that, right in front of the empty parking space is a FUCKING TRASH CAN.  No more than 3 or 4 feet from this jackhole’s lazy ass is a perfectly usable trash can to throw away his god damn fucking cup.

So what do I do?  I see fucking red is what I do.  I stomped over to the cup, picked it up, banged on the asshole’s window, yelled a few choice words at him and threw away the god damn cup.  I can pretty much guarantee that no one’s ever called him on his litterbug habits before, so if the world is lucky, he’ll think twice about tossing his shit on the ground next time.  Seeing some angry chick at my car window, looking like she’s ready to break the damn thing down, would probably cure me for a while.

I’m still really fucking baffled by this, though, both by this butt wad and by my reaction to it.  I’m not an exceptionally “green” person; I don’t do much in the way of recycling, though I am pretty conscious of the amount of waste I generate.  But there was something about seeing someone blatantly disregarding the Earth and being that fucking lazy that made me want to spit fire.  The trash can was fucking FEET away from him and he couldn’t be bothered to use it.  It’s such abominable shit like this that is turning my country into a festering cesspool of garbage and indifference.

I’m still too mad to actually talk about this.  I can look out the window and see how close he was to the trashcan and I get pissed off all over again.

Fucking lazy twats.


~ by raspychick on January 14, 2012.

2 Responses to “People Are Littering Bastards”

  1. Just came across your blog. I totally agree with your Instagram post, by the way. Anyway, just wanted to say I reacted similarly when I saw a man on the rush hour train drop a food wrapper on the floor. As we approached my stop I leaned over, picked up the wrapper and said, “I’ll throw this out for you.” He mumbled a few words under his breath and I got off at my stop. I felt a certain satisfaction knowing that I had embarrassed him in front of a train car full of people.

    • I approve of this comment in so many ways! Good for you for shaming that bastard! I hope he remembers that moment forever–and more importantly, that he STOPS LITTERING.

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