What EXACTLY Are You Rebelling Against?

I’m hoping someone can explain this to me; why the pride in being ignorant?

I see so many douches on Facebook with these stupid pass-along statuses that announce how they were raised in the south, that they like sweet tea, that they do this and that, and it makes me want to junk-punch every single person I encounter.

Here’s a shining example:

“Ok, I’m fixin’ to tell you something about being Southern. Being Southern doesn’t mean that I’m not educated. I may say “ain’t” and “y’all” and call you “Sweetie” or ‘Honey” and I might “bless a lot of hearts”. I’ll greet you with a big “Hey” and a hug. All soda is “pop” and I might refer to my grocery cart as a “buggy” and by golly, that’s okay. I’m polite and say “Ma’am” and “Sir”. And if you hear a Southerner say, “Oh, heck no!!”, you’d better run!!! If you’re proud to be a Southerner, then click ‘LIKE’ on my status.”

This is one of the less retarded ones I’ve seen. Amazingly, when I googled the topic, I couldn’t find a page dedicated to the pride of being a southerner.  Fortunately.

For my own reasons, I have issues with the south.  Objectively, I realize that not everyone below the Mason-Dixon line is unbearably stupid and/or ignorant.  However, southerners are like Christians–a few bad ones ruins the rest of the group.  But when your neighbors in the first redneck town you live in are Klan members, and the rest of the people you know actually make fun of you because you’re “smart”…but I digress.

Or not really.

A good number of the people I’ve encountered in this neck of the woods are just ignorant.  Mostly by their own doing, or because “mawma and diddy” did it first.  That woman I’ve mentioned, Patty, ran away from home at 14, married at 15, and just after she turned 16, popped out her first kid.  Could her mom say anything about it?  Not really, seeing as how “mawma” had her first child at age twelve.

No, you read that right.  Twelve god damn years old.  If that’s not disgusting, please tell me what is.

I can’t tell you the number of kids that dropped out of my graduating class due to teenage pregnancy, or because they’d rather drive a truck around town, complete with gun rack and “rebel” flag in the back window.  I knew 13 year olds giving birth and dropping out of school, long before it was the “in” thing to do.

These are people who don’t know anything other than the parts of the bible they decide to listen to; they say words like “drownded” and “unjustice” and don’t care that they’re saying something wrong.  Should someone correct them, they don’t care to follow through, and instead say, “Ah know, and Ah don curr.”  One point last year, I was sitting at work, reading a book (I rarely do this any more because the people I work with don’t ever read for pleasure, so they don’t understand why I do–they feel they’re rescuing me when I’m reading or something) and one of the owners, Crazy Bible Lady (or CBR) asked me what it was.  It was some book by Phillipa Gregory (The Wise Woman, I think), and CBR looked a bit lost, so I clarified by saying that she’d written The Other Boleyn Girl, figuring she’d have at least heard of the movie.  Still blank.  I explained further that it was about, essentially, Henry VIII’s second wife and her sister.  Still blank.  “You know–the Tudor family?”  Yeah, she’d never heard of the Tudors.  This is a woman who pulled her son out of school a couple of years ago to home school him, only to have him fail the year.  This does not shock me.

At any rate, the whole Confederate flag baffles me.  I’m still trying to figure out what they’re rebelling against.  Equality?  Freedom from slavery?  Makes no sense to me.  Of course, most people just have the flag, they don’t know what it means.

Sidebar:  I was in US History class in high school, and we were discussing the Civil War.  One girl asked the teacher if the Union or the Confederates won the war.  The teacher gave her this LOOK and asked, “Do you live in the Confederate States Of America?”  The girl’s response:  “Yes?”

Holy Shit.

Education is not emphasized in this neck of the woods.  When I transfered into school in NC, I was a full year ahead of my class.  I legitimately should have been put into another grade simply because I was from a school system so vastly different.

End Sidebar.

I supose that most wouldn’t be too opposed to continued slavery; several of the elderly ladies who come in here relate closely to The Help because they grew up with black maids.  This whole thing baffles me.

And perhaps it’s just because the bulk of my family has come from meager backgrounds, but I don’t know of anyone who grew up with servants in my neck of the woods, unless they were super rich.  And since I didn’t know anyone super rich, I have no idea.   We just did shit for ourselves.

Can this whole “rebel” and “country pride” thing be explained to me?




~ by raspychick on January 6, 2012.

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