I’m Afraid I Have To Call Bullshit On This One

The other day, I was listening to the radio in my car, and one of the DJs was talking about Adele.  Apparently, homegirl doesn’t like being famous and has told her record label to not release any more of her songs as singles.

Bullshit.  Bull.  Fucking.  Shit.

If you don’t like or don’t want to be famous, you know what you don’t do?  Release an album.  Then release a second album.  I have no idea how recording contracts work nowadays–I don’t believe you are owned the way you would have been fifty years ago, though.  If you don’t want to be famous, then you don’t follow steps that lead to fame.  It’s that fucking simple.  I’m pretty sure she never had to release the first album (however, once she did, it was very likely that she was then under contract and at least had to release a second).

As a result of this, I have lost all respect for Adele.  I was never a huge fan to begin with–Chasing Pavements is NOT a good song, and the video to go with it–WTF?  I heard Rolling In The Deep and was pretty intrigued, though.  It was a good song and the girl’s got a set of pipes on her (and it’s not her fault that EVERY GOD DAMN FUCKING radio station played the song at least once an hour and made me want to stab someone in the jaw); I appreciate the fact that she’s on the chubby side and she’s still allowed to be seen in public (though I don’t really understand the video for Rolling In The Deep–she’s sitting in a chair the whole time while people do roundhouse kicks and glass shatters…ummmm, okay).  But the moment I hear someone pull out crap like she did, it’s over.

Which leads me to one of my biggest pet peeves; celebrities who hate their fans.  I can’t stand when I read an article with some famous person who goes on about how he hates when fans come up to him and how he just wishes they’d leave him alone.

Fuck you.

You don’t get into god damn show business to be ignored.  At the very least, you don’t go into it without knowing the possible outcome.  Those sorts of fucking celebrities don’t even fucking realize that, without their fans, they wouldn’t even be god damn celebrities.  See how that works?  If people didn’t like you, you wouldn’t have been able to stand up on your fucking high horse and tell everyone that you don’t want them to talk to you.

Granted, there are downsides to some levels of fans; some of them are creepy as hell.  I wouldn’t want to be stalked either, or have people camped outside of my house with telephoto lenses, trying to catch me in the bathroom.  I believe that celebrities have the right to privacy in their own homes just as much as the rest of us peons.  However, if you know you’re considered famous, and you go out in public, people are going to take pictures of you.  If I was someplace where celebrities milled around, I’d take pictures of them, too.  If it was a person I cared about, I’d probably go up and introduce myself as well.  Because that’s what the fuck happens when you’re famous.  People want to talk to you.  Get the fuck over it.  If you don’t want fans, don’t put yourself in the public eye.  If you happen to have fans, you better god damn appreciate them while they last.

It can be disconcerting having people recognize you; this has actually happened to me.  This is not to say that I’m in any way famous; quite the contrary.  But I have done quite a bit of small time work, which has apparently made an impact on some because I’ve actually had people start speaking to me while in bathrooms and such, telling me that they’ve enjoyed something I did.  Disconcerting, but fucking awesome.  It’s totally awesome to me when I’ve done something that people remember and want to comment on.  So for all those fucking celebrities who want no attention, go fuck yourselves.  Fans are what makes your world go round.


~ by raspychick on January 5, 2012.

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