Hurry Up And Wait

Posting twice in one day; got a lot to say, apparently.  I think I might have another one in me, too.

But I was grabbing lunch for the ladies at work today and was once again awed by the way people race each other to get in the drive thru line.  Have you ever seen this?  People will actually aim at you, zip around your car, to get into the drive thru lines at fast food places.  I saw several people doing it today while at McDonald’s.  It’s sad.  And obnoxious.  These people are in such a rush to sit in line that they’re willing to actually maim you to get there first.  And the line is usually wrapped around the building, while there’s not a car in the parking lot.

I rarely use the drive thru; because those lines are so long, it’s always faster to go inside, where there’s no one at the counter.  Plus, I’m a cheap bastard, and sitting in line at the drive thru burns gas.  When it’s over $3 a gallon, every drop is precious.  I still haven’t grasped the concept of Subway having a drive thru–I want to watch them make my sammich, damn it!  I have no desire to sit in my car waiting for an extra ten minutes or so when I can run into a store and be done with the whole transaction in maybe three minutes.

But seriously…these people are fucking nuts.  I can’t speak empirically, but the people who live in my tiny-ass, backwoods town are a bunch of lazy fucks.  Obesity runs rampant around here.  About 95% of the people who collect disability, the people with “bad knees” and a “bad back” are at least 100 pounds overweight.  I fucking shit you not.  People complain about their knees and their feet, then sit down to eat two fucking double Whoppers, a couple orders of french fries, a sundae, and a diet soda (always with the diet soda).  They ride around in Walmart in their Walmart provided mechanized wheel chairs, with a shopping cart full of crap next to them (because most of these people who are falsely on disability are also collecting food stamps), then complain about how shit isn’t made big enough for them.

I have no issues with disability or food stamps–food stamps is a great program for the people who actually need it.  I’m talking about the people scamming the system.  And by the by, stay the fuck away from Walmart the first few days of the month–food stamps are issued at midnight on the first, so every grocery store is a god damn mad house for the first few days (these people feel the need to spend several hundred dollars on groceries as soon as possible, as if the money will expire in two days instead of at the end of the month–nothing like seeing people pushing two carts filled with candy, cookies and soda.  I’m sure that’s the point of food stamps).

Wait…wasn’t this about the lazy bastards who try to kill you for a place in the drive thru at McDonald’s?

It all ties together, though.  If you want to eat fast food, at least get out of your car to retrieve it.  This does not apply to those with genuine physical restrictions, though I find that those people are typically much more active than the rest of the world.  At least the American World.  But seriously–if you’re obese because you eat all the damn time, be slightly proactive and actually walk through the damn doors.  And don’t try to kill me because I’m in the same parking lot as you.


~ by raspychick on January 5, 2012.

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