…And The Trojan Horse You Rode In On

What fuck is the point of computer viruses?  I mean, seriously?  Oh, look at you; you can make a program that can demolish an entire computer.  You must be so fucking proud.  Why you don’t you try creating a program that does something positive, or take up a hobby like knitting or stamp collecting if you’ve got that kind of time on your hands, you abominable bastards?

Guess who recently got (yet another) computer virus.

Since I bought this computer in August 2009, I’ve gotten at least 4 infections.  What kills me is that the first infection wasn’t because I was downloading shit or visiting nefarious sites; it was because I was using Internet Explorer.  Apparently, just using that browser can infect your computer.  What.  The.  Fuck.  An internet browser that gives you viruses.  Shouldn’t someone have shut that shit down by now?  It doesn’t matter what you do because your computer can get screwed no matter what.

It seems that I have a backdoor trojan, which means that some jackhole somewhere can access my computer and do whatever he/she/it/bastard wants with what they find.  Fortunately for me, they won’t find much.  A few dozen pictures here, a couple of videos there, but nothing in the way of personal information.  My uses for my computer are fairly boring, so at least I have that going for me.  However, the (guided) steps I have been taking to clear my computer have somehow fucked it up further.  At the moment, I can use neither my keyboard nor my touchpad.  Nice, eh?  Fortunately, I found an external keyboard for the cheap, so at least I can use that until I (hopefully) can get my other shit up and running again.

It’s just fucking frustrating.  Do people have nothing better to do with their time than infect people’s computers?  Seriously?  I suppose it might be one thing if you’re out for revenge or something and attack just one person, but to create shit with the sole intent of just fucking shit up is the epitome of douchebaggery.  It’s shit and it’s stupid.  The worst part is that you can be minding your own business and get smacked with a virus.  Not visit some crazy porn site or something, not download anything, just surf the general web.  All the people who create these viruses need to be punched in the fucking throat

Computers aren’t cheap.  Maybe compared to just 5 or 6 years ago, but when the bulk of the population is either unemployed or working for minimum wage…yeah, this shit is expensive.  We can’t afford to go to a repair shop or just buy another one.

Plus, the dude I was working with to fix this shit is drawing a blank at the moment.  The people at Toshiba, without looking at any reports or anything, suggested I just reset the computer to factory standards.  How about fuck no?  It takes a while to get a computer to the point where you’re comfortable with it, and I can just FEEL that there has to be a simpler, more obvious solution to this whole fucking thing.


~ by raspychick on January 4, 2012.

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