Captain Grinch

I’m going to come off sounding like a greedy bastard when I write these things.  But, before you label me as such, hear me out with this one.

‘Tis the season, right?  Well, I currently work in a salon, and the place pretty much runs on regulars.  Once in a while, we get a walk-in customer, but overall, all of the stylists have regulars they work on weekly, monthly, etc.  At the end of the year, the stylists will give their regulars little gifts and often, the customers will return the favor.  Occasionally, they’ll throw little gifties my way, which I actually really appreciate.  But I’m trying to understand the rhyme and reason of it.

The number of gifts I actually receive from these people who have known me for well over a year is fairly small.  Are people required to give me gifts?  Absolutely not.  However, it would seem to me that if you’ve already budgeted a gift for your stylist, throwing a little my way wouldn’t be a huge strain.  I’m not saying you have to go shopping for me; just hand me a card to say “Thanks.”  Asking too much?

Let me give you an example; there’s this woman, Mary, who comes in twice a week.  She’s a real holier-than-thou type, so she’s super fun.  Nothing like having someone talking down to you (and everyone around you) because the only book she’s ever studied is the Bible and somehow, this makes her universally smart.  Anyhoo, last year, I’d only been here for a few months when xmas hit; she brought in gifts for her own stylist/one of the owners, a gift for the other owner, and a gift for the girl who used to do the job that I do, and who hadn’t been here for four or five months.   Go figure that one.  This year, she just gave gifts to the two owners.  Talk about a snub.  Again, I’m not saying that someone needs to go nuts for me, but honestly, a card that says, “Thank you for what you do” would be so greatly appreciated.  Especially when you have people constantly saying how I’m the best ever, but never taking the time to really express the thanks.

Please understand that I’m entirely commission-based–I’m at the mercy of the stylists and their clients.  I live off of tips, possibly more so than when I waited tables.  The concept is the same; it’s nice to have compliments and have people tell you that you’ve done a wonderful job, but a person can’t pay a bill with a compliment.  I’m not in this line of work for the joy of it–if I could find a better paying job, I’d take it.

Anyway, when I see all of these stylists receiving bonus checks or cards full of money, and I just get someone sort of glancing my way as they hurry out the door, I can’t help but feel a tad slighted.  But that’s probably because you can tell that those sorts of people thought about a gift, decided against it, and now don’t want to have to look me in the eye.  Again, I’m saying…Thank You Card.  Easy Peasy.  Throw five bucks in there and I’m a happy camper.  A couple of days ago, this woman came in bragging about her new car; she told everyone to go outside and look at it and kept going on and on and on.  Brought gifts and tipped her stylist (Patty, actually); told me how wonderful I was, etc.   Know what I got when she left?  “You have a merry Christmas, honey.”  Well, fuck you very much, you twat.  You can’t spare two dollars to say thank you for doing such a great job?  Don’t brag about your fucking new car then.  And don’t bring shit for other people and give me a “Merry Christmas.”  Douche.

I think it’s really an appreciation thing, knowing that my work matters to people and that I’m not just some nameless cog.  I mean, overall, I’ve been treated nicely by some people, so don’t think I’m not appreciative of that.  I think it’s just the being singled out and seemingly purposely excluded by these “good christians” that makes me a little riled up.

I know that I shouldn’t focus on the people who decide I’m not worthy of a gift, but it’s not cool when it feels deliberate.



~ by raspychick on December 22, 2011.

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