If Your Income Has 6 Digits, You’re Doing All Right

There a lot of things in this world that irritate me to no end.  One of them is the fact that my space bar doesn’t work properly and I constantly have to retype shit.  Another is that I’ll probably never really figure out how to make this blog look like anything personal without shelling out money, and even then I probably still wouldn’t be able to do much with it.

However, this is not what I wish to complain about at the moment.  And believe me when I say that this will be full of complaining.  Complaining is a necessary part of life, and there’s no better place to do it than online, where you can gripe anonymously.  Venting makes a person feel better.

The gripe of this, my inaugural blog, is when people who make tons of money complain about how much money they DON’T have.

More specifically, one person in particular.

Let me start off by saying “tons” of money is relative.  If you live in NYC with an income of $100,000 and have two kids, you’re probably managing, and at times struggling.  However, at present, I live in a small, rural area with a very low mean income.  Basically, $40,000-$45,000 total income means that you’re sitting pretty.  Also, I know that if you have a sudden jump in income, you’ll go a little nuts and probably spend a bit more than you should for a few months.  Fine.  It’s hard to adjust to having different levels of income, whether it’s more or less.  There’s a period of adjustment.  Fine.

This does not apply to this situation.

I work with this woman–let’s call her Patty–whose own personal income varies between $35,000 and $50,000.  That’s just what she brings in.  Her husband, last she told me (that’s right; she frequently gives me updates on not only her financial situation, but on that of her children and siblings and anyone else that comes to mind.  If you want something kept quiet, this is not the woman to tell), makes in the ballpark of $70,000, though I know he’s gotten a raise since then.  So, conservatively, they make $100,000 a year.  Their house is paid off, they have no debt AT ALL, so their only expenses are monthly bills and such.  Who wouldn’t like to be in that situation?  Well, for the last few months, all I’ve been hearing her say is that people aren’t getting a lot for Christmas this year because “money’s tight.”  Really?  It’s tight?  From what?  They sit at home, drink beer and smoke.  That’s it.  Maybe twice a year they take a vacation.  That’s it.

However, this woman has a compulsive need to “lend” money to anyone who asks for it.  If either one of her deadbeat children say they need something, she hands over money.  I was actually house sitting for her this past summer, and one of her kids barged in the house and started ransacking her drawers for money; he’d just bought his girlfriend a dog and needed more money for actual bills.

Did I mention that she was on the phone with him the whole time, telling him where to find the money?

Yeah, shit like that.  Her deadbeat sister will quit a job and move to a new place and “Patty” will fork over hundreds of dollars and whatever household goods the sister needs for her new place, which will be left behind when she moves yet again.  Her oldest child is a colossal screw up who always needs to borrow money, and as it present living with his mother because he can’t afford to live on his own, yet is able to spend a couple of thousand on Christmas presents for his two kids this year.

I’m sure you’re thinking to yourselves that I shouldn’t be bitching about her loaning money to her family, that it’s her choice.  Well, she details each of these loans to me; she tells me how much and why, and then complains when the money isn’t paid back.  Then she’ll hand out more to the same people.  Then complain again.  And I hear ALL OF IT.  EVERY FUCKING DAY.  Which means that I am able to complain about this situation, since I have been drawn into it.

Anyway, I’ve gotten away from my point, but the background for this person helps.  I’m at work and she writes out a check for me.  I should clarify that I’m paid weekly and individually by each of the people I work for–it’s a pittance, but it’s the best I can do in this economy.  However, “Patty” was out sick most of last week, so I didn’t get a check from her; she just combined it with this week’s.  That’s fine by me.  However, when I first started here, she said she’d give me $20 on top everything else just for walking in the door on a Saturday.  Sweet, right?  And there’s usually a decent tip thrown in there.  Cool.  So, she hands me my check for this week and said, “I gave you a little extra.”  Ummm…actually, not to sound greedy, but you didn’t.  The total she threw at me was actually very stingy for two weeks of work, especially when you take into account that she’s CONSTANTLY going on about how she couldn’t do this job without me and that I’ve been such a huge help to her.  Plus, she’s always trying to guilt everyone else into giving me more money, and announcing how much money she likes to give me.  (Yeah, she actually does that shit–her mouth is fucking HUGE.)  And if I for a minute actually believed that money was that tight, I wouldn’t really complain.  But even if she loans out half of her income every year to the grubby little hands coming at her, she would still be able to function comfortably in this small town in which we live.  HOWEVER, moments after she hands me this check, I hear in another part of the building telling a customer exactly how much money she spent on her son’s girlfriend’s Christmas present.  Minutes after that, she tells me how she just spent an extra $200 on something for her husband that she doesn’t want him to know about.

Call me crazy, but if money’s that tight, those things wouldn’t be possible, now would they?  Do NOT fucking tell me how tight your finances are, then run around telling everyone how much every item you’ve bought cost you.  Especially not within earshot of the person you just screwed out money that I actually fucking need.  Unlike this chick, I actually have debt I’m trying to pay off, plus other expenses that absolutely have to be paid every month.  She constantly takes on extra shit because it makes her feel good about herself–not because she can help someone who needs it, but because it makes her feel important.  If these people weren’t crawling to her asking for money, she wouldn’t know what to do with herself.

The part that pisses me off, really, is that I know she’s lying.  Her money isn’t tight; she just doesn’t want to give it to people who aren’t begging for it.  If I went crawling to her, she’d be willing to give me whatever the fuck I needed.

Basically, the moral of this story is:  If you can’t survive on a six figure income in Bumfuck, Nowhere, then you’re fucked up.  There’s absolutely no reason in the world why your finances should be tight when you owe nothing.  And if you’re going to lend all of your money out to your ungrateful, worthless family, fucking cowboy up and demand it back before considering another loan.

And, you know, if she hadn’t said, “I gave you a little extra,” I wouldn’t have thought about it at all.  But being, essentially, lied to makes me irritated.



~ by raspychick on December 17, 2011.

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